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Educating patients. Equipping surgeons.

Zimmer, a world leader in musculoskeletal health, partnered with Maestro to create a mobile app to help quell fears and increase understanding of joint replacement. This app made technology become a caring friend to an anxious patient.

The short story.

The long story.

The challenge

Zimmer, a world leader in musculoskeletal health, is committed to creating innovative joint replacement technologies that restore mobility, alleviate pain and help patients find renewed vitality. The company wanted to create a mobile app that could be used by patients and surgeons to help quell fears and increase understanding of joint replacement.

The strategy

Zimmer chose to work with Maestro to create a mobile app that would improve patients' understanding of their surgical options. Maestro's first step in exploring the possibilities was a comprehensive discovery session that pinpointed business challenges, objectives and some ideas about the functionality of the app. Maestro used the results of its explorations and discoveries to plan and design an app that met the needs of Zimmer's clients—the orthpaedic surgeons and the end users, their patients.

The finished product

The result of the Zimmer/Maestro partnership is the Zimmer Arthritis 411 app, available for both iPhones and iPads. The app explains joint replacement in detail, leading patients through sections on preparation, surgery, recovery, actual products used, scientific information about joint replacement technology and a concluding section, which answers the question, “Why Zimmer?" Patients can even access video testimonials of other patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery.

Today, Arthritis 411 is the leading patient education resource for people suffering from osteoarthritis. Designed to help patients feel more comfortable and educated about joint replacement surgery, the app makes it possible for patients to learn at home or in the doctor's waiting area about arthritis pain and treatment options.

With simple swipes and taps, surgeons can—with clarity never before possible—teach patients about common causes of knee or hip pain and how joint replacement surgery can be a possible treatment option. The app even enables the surgeon to draw and highlight, on an x-ray of a joint for example, the precise nature of a problem. The patient-facing side of the app may be used in a doctor's waiting room or it can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and explored on the patient's own mobile device.

The results

Since its release in February of 2012, the Arthritis 411 app has received several positive comments, many of which can currently be viewed in the iTunes App Store where it has received a five-star average rating. The app also won a Silver Brandon Hall Award. Some of the feedback includes the following:

“What an amazing app for both surgeons and patients in search of solutions to arthritis-related pain. Easy to use, smooth and efficient; this app will be on the front page of my iPad."

“This app seamlessly transcends the limitations of patient education material currently available on the World Wide Web. Walks the patient through the experience of a total joint replacement through the eyes of the patient, not a surgeon."

“I showed to my grandma who is about to get hip surgery. It has come in really useful for her in preparation for her upcoming surgery. She is a little more at ease."

Results expected for patients:
  • Increased comfort: Patients are armed with knowledge that alleviates fear and apprehension about surgical treatment.
  • Improved satisfaction: Increased patient confidence and comfort provided through the app leads to increased satisfaction with the overall treatment.
  • Enhanced communication: As the patient becomes more educated using this app, they are able to communicate with the surgeon more clearly about their specific pain and symptoms.
  • Greater trust: With more education and effective dialogue comes increased trust in the surgeon, the treatment and the Zimmer device.
Results expected for surgeons:
  • Increased efficiency: Patients enter the initial consultation with more information and less anxiety, making the surgeon's dialogue with them smoother and more effective.

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