Making the digital experience match the physical experience

Water Street Coffee is an expert at creating a cozy, I-don’t-want-to-leave café experience. They are coffee experts, foodies, and creatives. Our goal was to create a digital experience that gives you the same feels as their physical café locations and increase online sales, through an updated marketing website, fresh photography, and a social media strategy.

It’s all about the customers

We started by identifying the personas that frequent all five Water Street Coffee café locations and explored the patterns, tensions, and motivations behind their purchases. This discovery informed how we approach each customer type from a digital perspective, answering questions like, “Are they more likely to follow us on social or open up an email? Armed with that information, we could then map the content to the platform, leading us to find what would yield the best engagement.

Map content pillars to your social media platforms for the best possible engagement

Your brand should have a handful of topics (content pillars) that drive your content strategy. What do you want to be known for? We went through an exercise with Water Street to identify a handful of content topics that were most important to their personas, then we mapped them in priority order for each social media platform based on that platform’s love language. We ended up with a solid social media strategy that provided customers with the right information, wherever they were.

Photography that tells a story and does every little detail justice

Our shot list wasn’t limited to the cafés. Yes, we knew that because Water Street created a memorable experience, the photography had to be full of the same (caffeine-boosted) energy. But we also knew that telling the story of their handmade, locally sourced food and intentionally chosen, expertly roasted coffee would only deepen their customers’ appreciation for the brand and products. So we also spent time photographing Water Street’s kitchen, their seasonal food, their roasting process, and the people behind it all. These photos better communicated Water Street Coffee’s brand on their website, social media, and marketing campaigns.

User experience upgrade

It shouldn’t be hard to find what you’re looking for on a website. The website should be clear and the most important offerings should be right up in the front. Most of us don’t really think about this unless we’re having a bad user experience. That’s because a good user experience is natural and unobtrusive. Water Street Coffee’s website has clear navigation broken into a primary and secondary menu and thoughtfully placed shop CTAs to help guide users to purchase—a win-win for Water Street and their customers.

The website is a natural extension of the Water Street Coffee brand

Water Street Coffee’s special sauce is in the details. And this website is full of delightful interactions, thoughtful design elements, and messaging that supports their coffee expertise. When a customer lands on Water Street Coffee’s page, there’s not a doubt in their mind that they’re in the right spot.