The enjoyment of participating in a community that protects and showcases dogs that do more

United Kennel Club is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree.

Dogs and their people have formed the heart of UKC for over 120 years. To represent this love and passion for all things canine, we helped to establish their new brand with the intention of leaving a lasting legacy.

A responsive legacy

A common theme across refreshed brands is a system of logos for any and every situation. We designed the UKC logo family to be agile. Limited space and strong brand recognition might call for the simple UKC icon, while plenty of room and a need for equity necessitates the full logomark. Leaving a legacy is a lot easier when the brand makes sense in its application.

Type that’s pawsatively beautiful

Part of building a new brand from the ground up, is in choosing the typeface that will represent the written language of the brand. For UKC, we wanted to take them out of a past of free-font typography and into a future of beautiful and accessible letters. Utilizing Titling Gothic and Trade Gothic achieved what we were looking for – a rich legacy paving the way for a beautiful brand.

The best of both worlds

UKC had the unique challenge of appeasing two very different audiences with one brand. Because they service both hunting dogs and active dogs, the brand needed to expand to both parties without favoring the other.

By utilizing simple, non-descriptive dog illustrations, we tried to capture the feel and nature of Hunting Ops and All-Breed Sports separately, but still under the umbrella of the UKC brand.