When Maestro first heard about Spoken, an app that sends and receives audible prayer messages, it was still just a concept. The client, a nonprofit called The Carpenter Foundation, had the vision of enabling users to send personalized prayer messages, recorded in their own voices, to loved ones who could keep the messages forever. We partnered to make that vision a reality by developing the brand name, tagline, verbal, and visual identity — as well as creating the UX strategy, designing the UI, and building the custom app. 

Unique in its goal of delivering voice-recorded messages, the client was passionate about the project, but wasn’t sure what the appetite would be in the marketplace. To better understand which audience the app would most appeal to and the potential user base, Maestro helped facilitate a survey to gauge interest in this type of app among Christians in the U.S. We learned that there was a legitimate interest among the millennial and gen X demographic, which helped guide our branding and UX/UI designs. 

A brand that speaks to you

Maestro developed the Spoken brand name and tagline, “Prayers that speak to you”, based on the app’s differentiated benefit. The visual branding drew inspiration from cathedral-style churches, but with a more modern color palette and overall style. The brand logo and secondary mark are reminiscent of stained glass windows, marrying both traditional and modern for a brand rooted in values but appropriate for the digital age.

Stunning and simple UX and UI

Since many people pray with their family members, we wanted the experience and interfaces to be simple for both younger users and their older, and maybe less tech-savvy, senior family members. We made design decisions by thinking through usability on both ends of the spectrum, such as using the familiar native interfaces when possible, to ensure the experience was smooth and intuitive. We also created and curated stunning visual assets that reflected the same balance of modern and traditional as our branding. 

The result is a beautiful app that enables meaningful connection through a seamless user experience.