PACCAR is changing the way their customers buy

PACCAR is a truck manufacturing company that owns the DAF, Kenworth, and Peterbilt brands—and now PACCAR is charting new territory by unifying all the components under the hood. Typically, fleet managers and individual buyers select the main components of their truck—engine, transmission, and axle—à la carte style from a variety of brands, or from the same brand, based on their preference.

Paccar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF logos

PACCAR’s Integrated Powertrain is changing how customers select their engines, transmissions, and axles. Rather than mix and match an assortment of under-the-hood components, the PACAAR Integrated Powertrain brings these components together into one single package, purposefully designed from engine to axle for maximum efficiency and reliability on the road.  We are partnering with PACCAR to reimagine their brand and the experience of buying and driving the PACCAR Integrated Powertrain.

Our relationship started with 3D animation videos, led to a reimagining of the PACCAR brand, and has continued as a trusted partnership.

A good brand is the foundation for great communication

To position PACCAR’s Integrated Powertrain offering for success, we started by defining the brand equity. Brand equity is the value of the brand in the mind of the customer. Once defined, equity is used as the North Star for generating consistent messaging and shaping customer perception. We consider this a critical step. And when the right time is dedicated to discovering a company, product, or service’s brand equity, all marketing efforts have greater impact.

It’s all about the customers

As part of our brand equity discovery, we traveled to have a full day in the field with PACCAR sales reps and a full day with the primary target, fleet managers, to complete voice-of-the customer work. Without talking to customers, you can make a lot of assumptions and never truly understand their motivations and tensions. This qualitative exercise informs how to craft and prioritize messaging.

  • “In our business, we have to track every move our drivers make. The integrated powertrain allows us to have complete visibility into our transits.”

  • “We make our dollars on every mile we drive. If we can carry more payload using less fuel, that’s a payoff we can count on every single day.”

  • “I would have never believed it possible to have 1,000,000 miles on one of my trucks before the IPT by PACCAR. This is 

Design details that bring the brand to life

Along with brand equity, we helped PACCAR define their design standards and brand voice. When consistency is key to gaining customers’ trust, everything must align. Our design standards include brand colors, logo, and color variations, typography, patterns, and iconography. We’ve also defined the brand voice with core tenets and tone. Any and everything that might be used to represent PACCAR’s Integrated Powertrain offering is intentional.

Create beautiful experiences that tell a consistent brand story

Sales and marketing are more effective with the right—beautifully designed and strategically planned—tools. As we evaluate the needs of PACCAR’s Integrated Powertrain division, we continue to partner on projects that make an impact and improve the brand experience.

The MX-11 is PACCAR’s do-it-all engine offering that combines maximum fuel efficiency with unmatched durability. Maestro developed a concise product brochure built around the way truck buyers think and feel. By interviewing buyers, we uncovered that a strong reputation and lightweight design were two cornerstones of the decision-making process. The resulting brochure was carefully designed to align these purchase factors with the MX-11’s related attributes.

The PACCAR Integrated Powertrain is changing how fleet managers think about what’s under the hood in their trucks. To help draw attention to the efficiencies unlocked by the integrated package, Maestro developed a 3D product video. This video positions the PACCAR Integrated Powertrain as the hero. Stripping away the truck frame, the video focuses exclusively on the powertrain and the value it brings. Hosted on the website, embedded in marketing communications, and shared by sales reps in customer meetings, Maestro’s 3D product video helps push the PACCAR Integrated Powertrain into every corner of the trucking world.

Keeping trucks on the road takes more than a driver

This website is a story of efficiency. One of the biggest changes to the PACCAR’s website is to shift from information messaging to application messaging. Your customers should not have to work hard to understand how your product solves their problems—skip the raw data and present the “what’s in it for me” right up front. To do that, we highlighted the performance benefits of PACCAR’s Integrated Powertrain that directly affect truck drivers—things like more miles on the road. PACCAR’s Integrated Powertrain gives drivers more miles on the road, more hauling capacity for their trucks, and ultimately more dollars in their pockets.