In a competitive cookie market, great taste is just the first ingredient

One bite and you know Ope’s Cookies are the real deal. And then you realize that they’re healthy, too, and you find yourself with a freezer full of yummy cookies. The problem is that consumers, cookie lovers or not, want a brand they can feel connected with. So, we created a new brand for Ope’s Cookies, complete with an updated website, photography, and other digital marketing material.

Brand equity makes a better cookie

Our first step was to discover what was at the core of Ope’s Cookies: the brand equity. Why do people want a healthy alternative to the standard cookie? Who are these people? When do they want to eat said cookies? And how could we best reach them? In collaboration with Ope’s Cookies, we went through a series of exercises to define everything from the brand purpose to the reasons customers should believe in what their brand has to offer. These elements painted a clear picture of who Ope’s Cookies is and who they want to attract. After we found the answers, everything created for Ope’s Cookies reflected this brand equity. 

What if we brand cookies with the same care as craft beer?

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we started brainstorming how to make Ope’s packaging pop with personality. Ope’s Cookies has 15+ varieties, each with its own mix of ingredients, from dried cranberries and white chocolate chips to peanut butter and bananas. Since each cookie has its own personality, why not give each its own name?

Photography that makes you want to nom-nom right now

We wanted to showcase beautiful, everyday examples of when you, your friends, or your family might eat these healthy cookies. We gathered up the right talent, found dreamy locations, and took bright photos that were full of life and ready to make a bang on social media. This photography puts Ope’s Cookies right into the context of your life.

Marketing materials that stay true to the brand

We found other fun ways to help bring the Ope’s Cookies brand to life, including totes, tees, tanks, flyers, and tattoos. The colors, slogans, and design all play a part in constantly reminding people that Ope’s Cookies exists to help them fill the world with positive energy.

We hand-mixed a media kit that matches Ope’s Cookies with the right influencers

How many times have you seen an influencer post about a food product on Instagram? Facebook? Pinterest? It happens all the time. Ope’s Cookies wanted to find social influencers who match their values and speak to their target audience to drive awareness and sales of Ope’s Cookies. Their ultimate goal was to build true friendships that last outside of post deals and recipe creation. So, we created a media kit that made it easy for influencers to see who Ope’s Cookies is.

A website bursting with positive vibes

Every little detail on the Ope’s Cookies’ website is intentional. The bright photography, happy colors, playful fonts, hand-drawn icons, and conversational language are all a reflection of the Ope’s Cookies brand. Plus, it’s made to sell cookies (yes, please!) with strategic use of storytelling, calls to action, and design.