New music. Old roots.

When Marc Scibilia started his career in music, he got up and moved to Nashville to chase his dream. Now, he’s taking his music back to his blue-collar roots in Buffalo, NY. We partnered with Marc to create a visual representation of this hometown vibe. What started out as a website project turned into photography, social media content, tour posters, merch, and album art.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, he’s writing a new soundtrack for the Northeast: unapologetically raw and with nothing to prove.

It all began in Buffalo

Marc’s brand is a slice of his life. No matter where or when fans interact with him, they should feel connected. So, how do you capture such a personal brand? We threw our gear in the car and drove to Buffalo to get it right.

What’s in a name? We found inspiration in real artifacts from Marc’s life.

Our goal was to find typography that visually represented Marc. It all came together when he sent us a picture of an old guitar amp with an engraving that he loved. We used that as inspiration and found the perfect fit.

In living color

We were inspired by the worn-in look of Buffalo and the harsh chill of the weather. This town has worked hard. It’s not polished or fancy; it’s real.

Down-to-earth photography

Marc wanted to peel off the record company polish and showcase a Springsteen-inspired grit woven into his East Coast roots.

Cover art straight from the source

This branding effort was a true collaboration. Marc is an artist. When it came to his early 2018 releases, he shot photos from his iPhone and wrote the titles of his singles by hand. Later in 2018, Marc moved to NYC and recorded music that represented his time there. We concepted several looks and worked together with Marc to refine them until they captured the stripped-down urban vibe he had created musically.

A website at the center of everything

Our goal was to create a website that feels like a natural extension of Marc’s brand, a central location for fans to discover more about him. His new website provides a consistent experience for his fans to stay up to date with his writings, tour dates, new releases, and connect to him on other social platforms without skipping a beat.