Medical care as it’s meant to be

GT Independence is a financial intermediary that empowers people to choose who gives them the medical care they need. This means that rather than wading through a complicated bureaucratic system, participants choose who gives them care—like a family member or a professional—and in turn, the caregivers get reimbursed through Medicare and Medicaid dollars. GT Independence gives every caregiver the tools they need to track time, get reimbursed, and stay compliant with (ever-changing) federal regulations.

GT Independence gives caregivers the tools they need to track time, get reimbursed, and stay compliant with federal regulations—all while staying paperless.

Staying ahead of the federal curve

In 2019, the 21st Century Cures Act passed, requiring all caregivers to use electronic visit verification (EVV), a six-step process required for every care visit. Rather than wait for the new law to be federally enforced in January 2019, GT Independence moved forward to go paperless and streamline the EVV process.

GT Independence knew they needed a marketing website so they asked us to partner with them to get started. And that was just the beginning of an amazing journey together. Our relationship quickly grew into marketing assets, a caregiver app, a web portal, and animated and live-action marketing videos.

A brand that deserves the best

With 15 years of experience in self-directed care, GT Independence works hard to go above and beyond. And they’re rewarded with a 98% participant satisfaction, a number that’s well above their competition. We wanted to bring these hardworking, experience-focused values into every single deliverable—from the website and the caregiver app, to the marketing assets and the web portal. Every design maintains GT Independence’s professional, relaxed atmosphere, with minimalistic touches and lots of white space for easy viewing.

Also, let’s face it. It’s hard to understand most of the government’s regulations. So we created a short video that explains GT Independence’s purpose and compliance in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Government made simple. Now that’s magical.

Let’s go paperless

Because caregivers often travel between participants throughout the day, they needed the flexibility to fill out paperwork on the move. Also, admins and agency employees needed a simpler way to access and manage multiple reports and timesheets. GT Independence had some great tried-and-true workflows in place, so we decided to keep things easy for the users by translating those familiar paper processes into a paperless format (with some added enhancements and notifications).

An app and administrative web portal quickly emerged as the best way to make this happen. Federal regulations kept the processes tight, so we spent some time brainstorming ways to make government compliance and participant care simple, intuitive, and completely stress-free.

An app that genuinely cares

The Caregiver app took the GT Independence brand, federal regulations, and existing workflows and created an experience that checked all the boxes. Most importantly, the app kept things simple and stress-free for all users, no matter their technological experience. And it works even without an internet connection.

The app uses geofencing as a friendly tool to help people record EVV regulation notes and track time. For example, you’re going to take care of your grandma from 12-2 p.m. When you pass through the geofence and drive up to the house, the app records your arrival and reminds you to clock in. Once you clock in, the app grabs your location to fulfill the EVV requirements. The same process happens when you leave. These alerts match the user flow of checking the time before arriving at and leaving locations, keeping the reminder practical and unobtrusive.

Together with the geofencing, the app works to help caregivers track time, fill out the right forms required for each visit, and stay aligned with federal regulations. Instead of being government drudgery, the Caregiver app is a helpful tool that empowers caregivers to personalize care for every participant.

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A portal that works for everyone

To keep the app simple, we designed a background portal that does all the heavy-duty management and administrative tasks. There are five different roles at GT Independence, including agency, admin, participant, case manager, and employees. To simplify user options, the user chooses their role during login and gains access to a one-stop dashboard, with all the actions and information needed for their role.

Let the numbers speak

  • 15,000+


  • 730,000+

    sessions to date (2019)

  • 16,000+

    timesheets processed monthly

  • $100,000+

    saved per year on postage

The partnership of a lifetime

Our work with GT Independence is still expanding, with four projects in planning stages. Since GT Independence is getting ready to roll out a new LMS, we’re designing a brand guide that will keep all their new learning content and marketing collateral up to brand standards.

The app’s going strong, and together with GT Independence, we’re rolling out continuous improvements to make the overall experience even better. And thanks to feedback from users, our software engineers are designing the finishing touches to Portal 2.0, making the administrative side of things is simpler and cleaner than ever before.

Over the past few years, our work with GT Independence has grown and developed into a partnership we’re really proud of. And GT Independence hasn’t worked with just one of our teams—each one of our four teams has stepped up to push their business forward. Now, that’s true partnership.