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Great Expressions

Explaining compensation, one smile at a time.

Great Expressions partnered with Maestro to produce a unique, simple and engaging way to demonstrate its complex compensation plan to new and prospective doctors.

The short story.

Maestro created a custom motion graphics video to demystifies the compensation plan

The motion graphics video establishes a strong brand voice and helps Great Expressions cut through the competitive clutter

All of the components of the video - creative approach, script, design, and motion graphics - are orginial and custom

The long story.

The challenge

Great Expressions Dental Centers were looking for a unique way to introduce their complex compensation package to prospective doctors. Because of their rapid and continued growth, the company was recruiting heavily and was interested in using a new and different medium to capture the attention of prospective candidates. Great Expressions Dental Centers wanted to do this in a creative way and stand out among their competition.

The purpose of this video is to explain the compensation plan in a simple and graphical way and help doctors easily grasp the unique opportunities at Great Expressions Dental Centers. It is the first in a series of interactive rich media pieces that support Great Expressions Dental Centers' new brand and marketing efforts. It was important to find a voice that really fit the brand, so it could be used it in additional marketing pieces and through multiple channels over time.

So, Maestro, together with Rhino Media, produced a motion graphics video that would demystify the compensation plan, establish a strong brand voice and help Great Expressions Dental Centers cut through the competitive clutter.

The strategy

The key to success in this project was planning ahead. Motion graphics can be tricky because any changes made late in the project can lead to costly reworks. To avoid these potential drains on time and budget, Maestro worked strategically with Rhino to outline a written and creative approach about the compensation plan before beginning work on a script. Then, the script was carefully written to simplify the explanation of the plan.

Next, graphics were designed to visually tell the story. The script was edited to match the pacing of each graphic element. Iterations were made every step of the way to minimize reworks as the project progressed.

The finished product

The finished video is a beautiful, engaging overview of the Great Expressions Dental Centers' compensation plan. It illustrates the plan with captivating data, compelling graphics, and simple formulas that help doctors better understand the plan.

The results

The video is used across the country in Great Expressions Dental Centers' recruiting and onboarding efforts, at trade shows, online, and other recruiting channels that best position the company as an industry leader in affordable dental care.

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