A rock-solid brand strategy for world-class mining equipment

Getman Corporation is a global supplier of purpose-built mining equipment dedicated to safe, high-quality products and superior customer service. The workhorse machines they produce are well known in the industry for their reliability, functional design, and value.

Instead of portraying a timeless, tough, and polished industry leader, Getman’s branding was dated and flat — in need of modernization without losing the heritage and credibility built over time. They weren’t sure where to start, so Maestro created a plan to glean customer insights and make data-driven recommendations as we partnered to reimagine the brand and outline a marketing strategy. 

Digging in to learn the audiences and customer journey

To better understand their business, objectives, and target audiences, we conducted immersive discovery, talked to their loyal customers, gathered insights, and then got to work. 

Through discovery and research, we mapped out the customer’s journey from the moment they recognized the initial need to researching solutions to deciding to purchase equipment. We honed in on the best tactics and meaningful messages to intercept customers along that journey. This served as a foundational strategy for Getman’s marketing efforts.



example of Getman's audience profiles

Reimagining the identity: from rusty to trusty

We found inspiration for the new look in Getman’s qualities — integrity, strength, and durability — plus classic and timeless American brands. The updated logomark was the cornerstone of the new identity, and was crafted to convey toughness and professional polish, regardless of whether it was viewed on a business card or on the body of a mechanized scaler deep underground.

With the rugged new logomark acting as our inspiration, the rest of the identity started to reveal itself. Getman’s existing gold highlight transformed into a recognizable centerpiece for the visuals, contrasting dramatically with their distinct black-and-white photography style.

To complement the logomark and color palette, we drew additional inspiration from industrial machinery and classic branding, with a few contemporary twists, to complete the identity with typography and aspirational brand expressions.

Those brand expressions, or creative exploration leveraging the new branding, will help define and set direction for Getman’s future executions.



A yellow helmet with the Getman brand on the side and a "G" on the front