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FranklinCovey Living the 7 Habits

Helping People Live These Habits.

FranklinCovey - Living the 7 Habits App
Developed the “Living the 7 Habits” app to provide even more continued support to its 20 million+ learners and help them establish real, long-term change.

The short story.

A native iPhone, Android and web app designed + built to sustain adoption of the 7 Habits over time through resources, reminders, and access to a community of consultants.

Built to reach and accommodate users all over the world with the ability to easily add additional languages.

Now has over 100,000 users and is known as "one of the most successful technology projects [Franklin Covey] has completed".

The tech story.

This cloud based application has been built to support hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android users. The Living the 7 Habits app is built using objective C for iOS and Java for Android. The application is also powered by a custom Ruby on Rails content management system.

The long story.

The challenge

Millions of people have read the book, engaged through consulting and completed workshops to incorporate the 7 Habits into their own lives. As powerful as the 7 Habits are, the responsibilities and pressures of life can make it all too easy to lose sight of these habits and go back to the way things were before learning about them.

By creating an app to supplement its program, FranklinCovey is able to help people fully incorporate the 7 Habits and continue to refer back to them and grow through them over time. The app helps sustain the changes of the program and achieves a long-term implementation.

The strategy

FranklinCovey entered into its partnership with Maestro with specifics about what it wanted to see in the app. While Maestro's team could accommodate these requests, it wanted to dig deeper. It was important to Maestro that the app would be designed and developed to provide exactly what FranklinCovey and its users need. Maestro spent time with FranklinCovey's team thinking through use cases, discussing technology specifications ensuring the creation of a sustainable solution.

The finished product

FranklinCovey's "Living the 7 Habits" app was developed as a native iPhone and Android app. There is also a version available as a web app. A limited version of the app is accessible for anyone to download free, however, those who go through the workshop receive a session ID to unlock a full version with additional content.

Because the 7 Habits are popular around the world, the app was built to accommodate multiple languages, which can be added over time. The app is set up to load in default language of a user's device, if it's available.

Since one of the primary purposes of the app is to sustain adoption of the 7 Habits over time, one of its key functions is to send reminders to keep users engaged. These reminders can be set up as local notifications to ensure direct communication with the user.

The app also encourages long-term adoption through access to a community of consultants and other people who have adopted the 7 Habits. Users can communicate with others through the app, share their experiences and access resources to help them be more successful.

The results

Within the first month after its release, 3000 users downloaded the "Living the 7 Habits" app. "This app really is a game changer for FranklinCovey," said Hassett. "It is seen as one of the most successful technology projects our company has completed."

Before the app was fully released, FranklinCovey presented it to 50 of its top consultants. They were so excited about the beauty, effectiveness and simplicity of the app that they interrupted the presentation several times with applause — a true testament to how precisely the app fulfilled many longtime needs of the program.

"I have personally had the opportunity to show the app to some of our most important course instructors," said Hassett. "They raved about what they saw. I am getting requests constantly to make a similar app available for our other programs."

Brandon Hall & DemoFest Award Winner

In addition to rave reviews from its users, the Living the 7 Habits app has also earned industry recognition. In 2014, the app won the Guild Masters' Choice Award at eLearning Guild's mLearnCon. It was also honored with the 2014 Silver Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Unique Learning Technology.

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