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Establishing a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Maestro provided recommendations to enhance internal training and development efforts to meet business objectives and increase overall value to internal and external customers.

The short story.

Developed a strategic plan for the training department including: implementation of an LMS and Dannon University, a comprehensive learning map, individual training plans, and plans to produce reports as a part of corporate and department communication.

Created a brand/messaging platform that reflects the vision of the training department and Dannon's culture by making training fun, empowering employees, and developing a personal commitment and ownership to build a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Built programs (elearning, peer to peer training, and instructor-led training) and modules that engage the learners in key areas of the operation including: new hire, safety, compliance, management, etc.

The long story.

The challenge

Dannon was seeking to develop a robust training program to assist employees in learning about the Milky Way. Before Maestro's involvement, the program consisted of several hours of instructor-led training in PowerPoint format. This approach had been deemed ineffective due to the presentation format, the time required to share all necessary content and its inability to engage learners and maintain their attention.

For Dannon, milk is a precious commodity—a noble food deserving of utmost respect and careful handling. The company wanted every employee to understand the sensitive and fragile nature of it. After all, a shipment of milk represents tens of thousands of dollars for the company.

The client wanted Milky Way training that would drive these facts home to employees while making the necessary learning fun and engaging. Additionally, the company saw eLearning modules as a means of making training consistent and disseminating the vast knowledge residing within their internal subject matter experts.

The strategy

After conducting comprehensive discovery sessions on-site, Maestro produced a series of outlines for eight separate modules. These, in turn, were used to create content outlines and eventually highly interactive eLearning modules. Each module contains simple learning checks and a final learning assessment.

The finished product

To differentiate Milky Way training and give it greater versatility and staying power, the Maestro team suggested the use of a "Dirty Jobs" point of view throughout the training modules. This technique borrows from the television series of the same name, which follows its funny, plain-speaking star as he samples a series of challenging jobs. He is likable and emphatic. He tells it like it is, and he does so with humor and down-to-earth explanations.

The Maestro message to Dannon was simple: Flavor the voiceover narration of the Milky Way training modules with the same likeable, tell-it-like-it-is feel of "Dirty Jobs". In addition to a formal narrator, use the voice of a typical plant floor veteran to emphasize points, add perspective or perhaps amplify explanations. Maestro asked Dannon to think of this additional commentator as a folksy color analyst who chimes in during the formal narration.

Another unique feature of the Milky Way training produced by Maestro is a provision for hands-on involvement of the learners, outside of the computer-based modules. Using an innovative Milky Way Discovery Kit, learners use items found in the kit for real-life activities in the plant and lab to enhance their computer-based learning.

The results

The eLearning modules for Dannon have transformed Milky Way training. No longer are employees simply talked to with the hope that they will learn. Now, they are fellow travelers who share an epic trek—milk's greatest journey.

What's more, a likable and approachable veteran—one of their own—is along for the ride. He makes learning fun, meaningful and enjoyable by speaking their language and sharing their point of view. The Milky Way eLearning program led to more efficient training, increased knowledge retention, less need for live instructor-led training, decreased training costs and more engaged learners.

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