A fully custom, versatile, and unconventional approach

BLND Health is not the same couch at the same time every week. Their holistic, wellness-focused approach to therapy promises to meet clients where they’re at. So when they needed dynamic branding to differentiate their services from traditional therapy, we met them with brand positioning, visual and verbal identities, and a communication strategy that are as versatile as their services.

“BLND is what you need, when you need it.”

— BLND Client 

Inspiring a bold, intentional brand

We help our partners craft customer perceptions through branding that is based on distinguishing benefits, audience insights, and competitive insights. Alongside BLND, we used those inputs to create brand positioning that clarifies their promise and differentiators, helping them to better resonate with their target audiences. This positioning serves as the “north star” for communication, guiding them on how to present BLND in any context.

We began the process with a discovery phase, where we got to know the BLND team’s mission, vision, and values by touring their office and asking the deep questions—like “why does BLND exist?”, “What makes your approach to mental health care different from office appointment-based therapy?”, and “What methods and support do you have to offer clients to that your competitors don’t have?”



A BLND therapist smiling



Then we conducted audience research. We heard stories from actual BLND clients, and learned why clients love their unconventional model: access to coaches and counselors when they needed it most, real talk and tough love, and a variety of 1:1 and group therapy formats that fit into real life and felt natural. We distilled those insights to create primary, secondary, and tertiary audience profiles to help BLND hone their messaging with crystal clarity.



Two people hugging, with the BLND logo peeking out on one of the shirts



And finally, we identified the core benefit of BLND and three key reasons for their audience to believe in that benefit. Those statements guided us through the creation of visual and verbal assets for the brand.

The BLND core benefit: An unconventional approach to therapy that combines tough love with a focus on personal growth, arming you with the perspective and skills to live well.

A visual identity as colorful, disruptive, and unique as BLND

Our client needed to stand out to reach their target audience. To help them make it happen, we collaborated to design a logo and set of multi-purpose visual design assets—including graphics, textures, and a color palette—that match their brand’s bold, gritty personality.

Logo exploration + primary mark

Color-palette tool and graphic construction guide

We intentionally designed this suite of visual assets to be versatile and instantly recognizable both online and offline, bringing a pop of color and an edge to everything from their Instagram feed to their business cards.

Capturing the essence of BLND in a verbal identity

Clear, on-brand communication hinges on having consistent language and tone that just feels right—and we ensure that by creating a verbal identity. The key to crafting a strong verbal identity for BLND was focusing in on their brand personality, which we did by leveraging the core benefit, reasons to believe, and audience profiles that we unearthed in the brand equity process.

We broke down each brand personality trait into tangible “dos” and “don’ts” for BLND’s communication team to keep in mind when writing in the brand’s voice. We also created a guide to mastering the BLND tone across platforms, keeping in mind that there are different constraints and expectations for social media, in-person marketing, and email correspondence.

Sample of full brand guidelines

Our tailored social strategy

In our brand positioning process, we identified that BLND’s key audience was highly active on social media. So we developed a one-of-a-kind communication strategy guide to help the BLND team stay consistent, on-brand, and growth-oriented across their social media channels. We included content creation tips, automation strategies, and an in-depth guide to mastering Instagram engagement.