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Will the real Maestro please stand up?

We are Maestro. Individually, we are musicians, craftsmen, pirates, caregivers, poets, dreamers, parents and children at heart. But seekers one and all. Collectively, we are teachers, problem solvers, helping hands, sympathetic ears, challengers with honest feedback. Veterans of the long haul and survivors of the wee hours. Empathy.

We are members of your team. Your assistants, advisers, colleagues, companions and friends. We are birthdays remembered and milestones recognized. Challenges understood. Priorities acknowledged. Deadlines and budgets respected. We are proximity, appreciation and kinship. We are genuine. We are true to ourselves so we may be true to you.

Welcome to our new online digs.

We’re so glad you’re here. As you can see, we’ve been busy—hard at work making a place that we earnestly believe is a more accurate reflection of who we are. You’ll see it in our pictures and hear it in our tone of voice. You’ll read it in words and understand it even more by the words we chose not to use.

So come on in, kick your shoes off and look around. Feel free to open cupboards and peek behind doors. And while the bubbly may not be flowing, and you’ll search in vain for the snacks and treats, we hope you’ll be sustained in part by our enthusiasm for a new look, tone and energy.

No, we’re not going to take you from room to room as we would if this were a real open house in an actual new home. We think you can find your way from space to space. So poke around, explore and discover what’s new. And, of course, we’d love your feedback. In time, we hope you’ll talk to us, friend to friend.

Before we leave you to navigate our new site on your own, though, let us take a minute to share a little about our branding effort. It’s been exciting and eye-opening. We expected the challenge of reassembling familiar parts in striking new ways to be exciting, but it’s been eye-opening, too.

Being true to ourselves has always been important, so when clients, prospects—even our own people—shared similar observations, it got our attention. Even though we knew who we were and what we believed, we weren’t saying it consistently. Maesto was using a common language, but different pieces were speaking in dialects. What you see is what you get? Ah, not so much.

Today, we speak with a single voice. All of our materials have been cast from the same mold, and they represent the same point of view. Our branding effort solidified our identity and crystallized our reason for being. Along the way we’ve reaffirmed some fundamentals.

First, we help businesses enhance human capital. At the level of the individual learner, we create the keys to opening new opportunities, launching new initiatives, unlocking buried talent. Through our efforts people learn, grow and achieve. Their potential, sometimes after languishing for years, is set free.

Second, we’re a company in a constant state of maturation. To suggest that we won’t change again—improving our ability to leverage new technology or responding to changing needs, for example—is short-sighted. It’s okay to be nimble, flexible and informal. They’re our defenses against taking ourselves too seriously—and why we can change quickly to improve our service.

Third, we’re a work in progress. Evolving a process for managing change is our best offense today and our smartest defense for tomorrow. So there you have us: Maestro, a quiet revolution cleverly disguised as elearning. For you, our clients and prospects, it means a reserved seat on the cutting edge. For us, it means the chance to make our work truly a force for good.

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