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Why Outdated eLearning is a Hazard

At some point the learning that we create will be outdated. The technology it was made with will be replaced, the devices it was tested on will be a few years old, and the design might even be stale. It's easy to think that there is no need to update your learning, that your learners won't notice, and that engagement and learning won't be affected because it's an old course, but in some cases, like that of safety and compliance, outdated learning can be critical to the safety of your learners -- it can be a hazard.

Keep these three things in mind when you evaluate your compliance and safety training:

Is Your Content Up-To-Date?

For compliance and safety, some standards last 20 years and others change every five years depending on what new research has been put into it. With that rate of turnover, you can expect some of the information, the content that is the very foundation of your training, to change every year.

If your training hasn't been updated in several years, maybe even a decade, you can expect there to be some changes that should be reflected in your training.

Are You Speaking Your Team's Learning Language?

Some teams keep the development of compliance and safety training in house, however there are many options to partner up and purchase existing (and updated) training for your team. Regardless of if you develop the training yourself or not it's important to look out for how the training message is delivered.

Typically, team's don't expect compliance and safety training to be engaging, but this topic in particular is a great opportunity to pull on the heartstrings of your team and tap into their emotions by focusing on the effect an injury, for example, might have on their family and their career.

Instead of making compliance and safety seem like the company police, this type of approach makes it personal to the learner; a bit more sticky and engaging.

Have You Considered New Technology?

It goes without saying that technology is growing rapidly. If you are going to update your eLearning, make sure that you are putting your learning in the best position to reach as many people as possible for as long as possible by using new technology. For example, today, it's good to consider HTML over Flash so your learners can access on mobile along with desktop.

Remember, at some point your learning is going to be outdated and chances are your learners do notice and it does affect their level of engagement. Why not do a mini evaluation of your learning by answering these three questions to make sure your eLearning isn't a hazard.

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