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​Why 'Coaching' Made Bersin by Deloitte's Predictions for 2016

Along with corporate learning, coaching made Bersin by Deloitte's list of Predictions for 2016 coming in at number six, "global Leadership Development, Coupled with Career and Talent Mobility, Takes on a Fresh New Focus. Mentoring and Coaching Grow Rapidly." According to Bersin, the urgency to make coaching and leadership as wonderful as it can possibly be comes from the state of crisis that we left it in at the end of 2015 where "86 percent of companies globally [cited] 'gaps in their leadership pipeline' as one of their top three issues."

So how do companies plan to fill the gap? That's where coaching comes in. "Today's high-performing companies promote young leaders at a highly accelerated rate and enable them to learn on the job." They take raw leadership talent and use coaching, mentoring, and other forms of training to develop the individual over time while they are already in a leadership position.

Unfortunately, the predictions didn't contain a step by step method for how to accomplish such coaching and leadership training, but it does use some telling words to describe coaching in 2016. Words like - agile, integrated, culture-driven, experiential, and continuous. This is not your old coaching made up of a long series of programs that you must complete before entering a position of leadership. This is fast-paced and aggressive. It's in the trenches of leadership. It's a system of content and activities that can be easily digested in a short period of time.

What does leadership training look like for your company and where does that content live? Is it custom software? A mobile app? What about a Pinterest-looking app with content for leaders to choose a la carte? Are you using an LRS? Or an LMS? How it's implemented is based on many factors specific to your company - budget, existing technology, content or content creation resources available, etc. However, one thing is clear, research "shows that coaching and mentoring are the most valuable talent practices which you can develop in your company. So coming up with a coaching system is worth your time.

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