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What’s learned in Vegas… is shared on Maestro’s blog.

Team Maestro had the pleasure of mixing, mingling and learning with 1,200 of our closest friends in the training and development world at this year’s ASTD TechKnowledge Conference in Las Vegas.

That’s right, Vegas.

While many people might spend their time in Sin City eating, gambling, taking in the sights or trying to catch a glimpse of Celine Dion, we were having a blast talking about innovations and technology that are changing the way today’s organizations are learning, training, and equipping their employees. Call us geeks, but this is our idea of a great (as in way better than good) time.

So what did we get out of our time at TechKnowledge 2012? A lot. But here are the top three things that created a stir at this year’s event:

  1. Going mobile. Mobile is definitely the buzz—how to use it in a way that puts content in the hands of learners. We’re in the midst of a shift from more traditional or even modern online learning to innovative web/mobile apps that can be accessed through mobile devices and PCs. Companies are looking to repurposing content to create a different learning experience. They want to add that “tactile feel” component, and integrate with other technical systems to measure the impact.
  1. HTML5. With the rise in popularity of iPads, iPhones and Apple products as a whole, people are concerned about how to use them with the latest tools and technology, which often require Flash. We are finding ways to leverage this language in different ways. Although HTML5 poses plenty of potential limitations, it isn’t stopping us from pioneering a path to great learning.
  1. Social learning. The use of interactive online communities for learning and knowledge sharing is growing – fast. Social media isn’t just for the personal use of Gen Y’ers anymore. It’s being applied to the workplace in exceptional ways. We see informal learning through social channels continuing to keep the water cooler alive and active.

Throughout the week, we’ll be posting our thoughts on these three ASTD TK2012 mini-stories that are causing a buzz throughout the learning community and how Maestro is providing solutions or thinking through approaches. We’re excited about the changes ahead and look forward to your thoughts, too. So keep coming back and checking your RSS feed and get ready to share your comments!

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