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What Snapchat Can Teach Us About Learning

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and has an unreal level of engagement. It’s really a simple concept - you snap a picture or video, add some text or a doodle if you please, and send it off for friends to see. The content only lasts for a maximum of 10 seconds and disappears after viewing. The social media platform now has over 150 million daily active users that spend 25 - 30 minutes per day on the app.

Whenever you see a hit like this it would be silly not to investigate more and determine what part of their “magic sauce” can inspire a win for your organization. I found several critical elements of Snapchat that are great takeaways for your learning.

The shorter the better.

Microlearning is in and no one takes micro more seriously than Snapchat. The content posted through Snapchat can only be seen for a maximum of 10 seconds. Today, everyone is busy, so your learners will appreciate information that doesn’t take hours to consume, but seconds.

Rapid content wins.

The best content is the content that is actually in the hands of your learners. With a platform like Snapchat that allows for content creation and deployment in the same 30 seconds, it’s easier than ever to not only create content rapidly, but to get it to your learners without delay.

Engagement is the key.

Content via Snapchat is easy to create, consume, and it’s different every day. No wonder Snapchat only has 10% of Facebook’s user base, but it reports nearly identical engagement statistics for its content - which is around 8 billion video views/day! They make the process super easy and keep people coming back day after day because of the up to date and authentic content.

Storytelling is a crowd pleaser.

Snapchat’s “Story” functionality allows users to post their content to a personal story, which can be viewed by any of their followers as many times as they want for a 24 hour period. Then, like the rest of Snapchat’s content, it disappears forever. This functionality has been so successful Instagram started their very own “Instagram Story” and admitted to taking the idea right from Snapchat.

Why is the story functionality so successful? There is something extremely exciting about an inside look into someone’s or some company’s day. Sneak peeks into what they are doing, who they are with, or what product they’re excited about. For companies, telling short easily consumable stories about their products to internal audiences is a great way to keep the knowledge flowing and top of mind.

Who would have thought you could learn so many learning best practices from an app that is a millennials favorite way to waste time? Don’t hate on Snapchat, they are doing it right!

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