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Welcome to the Family, Rally!

We are very excited to announce that Maestro has added an event application to our newly expanding family!

Everyone meet, Rally! Rally, meet, everyone!

Great, now that that is done, let me give you a little insight into why we decided to create Rally, what it is all about, and why you need to invite Rally to be a part of your company’s next gathering!

As you know our clients come from a variety of industries, but no matter what industry you come from you are probably familiar with the term “Annual Conference” or “National Sales Meeting.” Companies gather to release new products, train current and/or new employees, solidify culture, review compliance codes, a whole slew of reasons. Use Rally to make this a memorable and easy experience!

Why Rally?

Yes, there are a lot of apps out there, with features upon features upon features. You can bet we have some features of our own to boast about – connecting socially, providing agendas, speaker bios, and live photostreams, but more importantly remember that Rally is one of our babies – our first born actually – so you can imagine the amount of attention to detail we put into each and every pixel and the amount of scrutinizing that went into every single pinch swipe or zoom.

Rally is intuitive, it’s functional, and it is beautiful. Everyone thinks their kid is cute though right? Well, take a look for yourself…

We'll have you at hello.

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