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Webinar - Mobile Learning: Starting a Training Revolution

Tablet technology gives the mild-mannered index finger the power to launch a learning revolution by tapping into unimagined possibilities. With mobile devices come new opportunities to leverage how we learn best, providing business-critical content when, where and how learners need it, and enabling employees to be more successful.

Maestro’s own Phil Neal and Carla Torgerson explain how mobile learning is reshaping how we train and support a mobile workforce. They share tips and tricks that provide learners with bite-sized knowledge that increase comprehension and strengthen skills development.

View this one-hour on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Current trends in mobile learning
  • Things to consider in adopting mobile learning
  • How to integrate mobile into your training strategy
  • How the addition of mobile learning can make a difference in any organization
  • How mobile learning can help you start a revolution of rising expectations in your organization

Click here to view the webinar

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