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"The Why" Behind Our Zip Course Offering

Maestro has introduced an exciting new offering—Zip Courses! We know that sometimes you need an eLearning course developed "like yesterday" or maybe you're in search of that perfect balance between affordable and beautiful. Well, relax because now there's Zip Course—your hassle-free ticket to beautiful learning at breakneck speed.

Since Zip Courses are brand new, we thought it would be good to spend a little time clarifying how we arrived at them and why. Actually, explaining what Zip Courses are is pretty easy (if you missed it, click here for our introductory blog post). But what about what they are not?

For starters, they are not a compromise, quality-wise. Rest assured. You'll be getting the same smart, tasteful and careful attention Maestro has always used to set clients apart from the crowd. Nor are Zip Courses a flimsy substitute for the real thing—they are indeed real courses!

Finally, Zip Courses are not a last resort—the fallback solution you default to just to "get something done." Actually, they are just the opposite. Collectively, they are a versatile strategic tool that allows savvy trainers to optimize their budgets and internal resources. This is because Zip Courses help them make informed decisions about how to structure, organize, prioritize and fund their eLearning efforts.

Zip Courses are all about the continuum of learning and the practical gradations of eLearning investments. And therein lies their real value and identity as the latest example of Maestro's servanthood. In the early years, Maestro spent a lot of time figuring out and communicating a few basics we knew for sure. We call them our core beliefs. Here's the one that's relevant to this discussion.

If businesses had love languages, ours would be service.

Caring for each other as we do makes nurturing our clients a natural part of how we work each day. As members of Team Maestro, we are fluent in service, and we quickly pick up the dialects of individual differences and special needs. We may pronounce quality and view performance and service in slightly different ways, but our meaning couldn't be clearer. Marked by the spirit and heart of a servant, it is the Maestro way.

What does this have to do with Zip Course? Everything. Because these courses are the freshest example that Maestro practices what it preaches. You see, Maestro defines success by how well, how completely and how creatively we serve our clients.

If, as a performance partner, we are not able to adapt and change to the evolving needs of our client partners, we wouldn't be much of a service company. What's more, we would be violating another of our core beliefs—the one that says, "Honesty begins by being true to ourselves."

We listened as clients talked about their desire for an affordable eLearning solution to some of their most pressing problems:

  • Limited budgets
  • Lack of adequate internal resources
  • Urgent, time-sensitive needs (product launches or a rapid training response to compliance issues)
  • The need to convert marketing content to learning courses
  • The need to convert current Flash courses and get them mobile-ready
  • Repurposing existing content

Clearly, a full-blown custom eLearning course does not meet all of these specific needs. To respond with a one-size-fits-all solution is to say to clients: "It doesn't matter what you need, this is what's available." Doesn't sound like service does it? We agree.

Maestro created Zip Courses because we are and will always be about new possibilities. For our customers, they are the proof of our ability and desire to help them perform in beautiful and unexpected ways. For us, they are our lifeblood: Innovation. And the truest test of our identity.


It's the new sounds and face of Maestro service.

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