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Technology is Here to Stay: How Do You Deal With It? (Interview)

Matthew J Hamparian is the Training Process Manager in Nationwide Insurance’s Business Transformation Office, and his day-to-day responsibilities center around business readiness in the IT space with his company’s contact centers.

Q. Matthew, thanks for making the time. As a manager, I’m sure you’re very familiar with team collaboration. What does collaboration look like at your organization?

Many times, folks face issues involving moving targets. As projects mature, they tend to evolve.

We rolled out instant messaging across the enterprise over the past year or so. It has allowed people to interact in real time like never before. Collaboration has increased greatly as contacts are faster and not limited to one-to-one interactions. Yes, folks should remember to see people face-to-face or pick up a phone, but it has increased access for all.

Q. Instant messaging? That sounds quite innovative. Why IM?

My guess is increased communication across sites for virtual teams. It was part of our Lotus Notes upgrade and we decided to use it. Faster than email and cheaper than phone.

Q. Ah, I see. Have you noticed other technologies that will be here to stay?

Social media for business use and for customer service.

Q. How might that impact training and development? What kind of innovation should we expect?

I think a greater emphasis is being made on business readiness, which really expands the role of training. It involves awareness, the need for practical functioning and reinforcement (see ADKAR from Prosci).

Q, Clear and concise. Well Matthew, I appreciate your time. Is there any literature you would recommend?

ADKAR by Prosci is the new standard.

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