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Tech Trends in 2014: Optimizing Communication with Apps

Anyone who has a target audience (and really, that’s all of us) knows that it’s getting harder and harder to reach our desired targets. Whether you’re trying to support your sales team, get in front of new leads, communicate with existing clients or educate employees, you know how difficult it can be to ensure your messages are being received, let alone that they are resonating with the recipients. With all the content out there saturating every communication channel every moment of every day, how can you compete?

There’s an app for that. Or at least there could be.

In 2014, I believe we will see a continued rise in the number of apps being used as corporate communication tools – both internally and with current and potential clients.

Apps are not new. But companies are becoming more aware of the power they have when it comes to cutting through the clutter. Phone calls get missed and unreturned. Emails get lost in the abyss of the inbox. Meetings get cancelled. But when a user downloads an app, a portal is created through which your messaging – and only your messaging – can pass freely.

Internally. Apps are incredible tools for ensuring your team has the most current content available at all times. You’re able to communicate important information and provide fresh content and helpful tools directly to individuals, regardless of where they are geographically. Sure, email can do this, too, but an app allows you to organize all of this information and resources in a way that is easily accessible for the users later – when and where they need to use it. And outdated materials get replaced with new ones.

Current Clients. Apps make it possible to deliver content about news, announcements, helpful tools and product updates directly to clients without needing to schedule a meeting or risk of your message getting lost in a sea of other emails. You’re able to lift a burden from their shoulders by making resources available to them when and where they need them. No need for them to keep track of the latest versions themselves.

Potential Clients. Apps are opportunities for sales and marketing. When you get a lead to download your app, you have achieved something greater than a form submission or email subscription. You have just established a direct, uninterrupted line of communication with a lead. You can not only deliver content right to their mobile device and ping them with push notifications, you can also control their experience as they consume that content. When they open up your app, they step into your territory. They experience a little piece of your brand. They take in your message in your environment.

Now that’s powerful.

Regardless of your audience, apps open up a world of possibilities when it comes to communicating with and truly engaging your targets. So although there are already millions of apps, look for even more in 2014 as more companies begin to realize their potential and harness their power for increasing engagement.

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