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Tech Trends in 2014: Maestro Predicts the Future of Technology

Throwback Thursday. It’s officially a “thing”. By now, we’ve all seen some fun #tbt posts. At Maestro, we thought that after reminiscing on Thursdays, it might be fun to look forward on Fridays. So, meet #ttff: “To The Future Friday”. That’s right, folks. Fridays at Maestro, you’ll now find predictions, thoughts about the future, plans, and just things we’re excited to see coming down the pike.

To kick things off, we’re starting a series called “Technology Trends in 2014”. For the next few Fridays, you’ll find blog posts with our thoughts about the future of technology and what we Maestronauts hope or expect to see this year. To get you ready for this fun series, here are some of our initial thoughts. As you can see, 2014 is sure to be …well… interesting.

So, Maestronauts, what technology trends are in store for us this year?

“Colleges and universities will begin to use and develop collaborative online learning environments. They will be similar in concept to social media, except that the "group" is limited to a certain number of participants. Participants will be able to upload text, media, and comments to a group work project; a business plan, research report or video documentary, for example. Uploads can be synchronous or asynchronous. This tool would also support text chats and e-mail. The instructor/facilitator will grade students on the quality of their contributions and how well they collaborate with others.” - Gordon Lewis, Instructional Designer

“Probably more wearable tech... more adoption of OLED tvs.” - Doug Eklund, Interactive Developer

“I believe there will be huge advancements in nano-technology and artificial intelligence. These two breakthroughs will usher in The Singularity, as predicted by Ray Kurzweil. Mankind will, as a result, reach the next step in our evolution, becoming pure energy and merging with these new super-machines.

Of course, I could be wrong.” - Norm Barnard, Software Engineer

“As our lives become more and more saturated with content – blogs, webinars, articles, ebooks, videos, social media, email, research reports and so much more – companies are going to look for ways to be innovative in delivering information to our audiences. Apps are a beautiful way to do this, as they allow us to identify people who are interested (those who download the app) and deliver fresh content to them as it is created. What’s more, with apps, we have the power to control the user’s experience as they consume that content and ensure that it’s positive and on-brand.” - Lindsay Tjepkema, Marketing Director

“We will see consumer level 4K television sets come under the $1,000 price tag, but we will also continue to question why we now have a 4K television…

Apple will continue to slim its product line down, and will roll-out a mobile payment system. With their existing iTunes and App store customer database, they will be poised to dominate the market.” - Thomas Wrench, User Interface Designer

“Biometrics has continued to emerge as a technology that gets a lot of attention.  I think Apple will give access to developers to utilize biometrics for app development on iOS, changing the game for enterprise app security.” - Nate Norman, Strategist

So there you have it! 2014 in a nutshell. Be sure to stay tuned each Friday as we take a deeper look at what technology trends are in the works for 2014.

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