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Take the time to be healthy - or have to take the time to be sick.

In my crazy little world of working for a start-up, mothering 3 teenage dudes, maintaining a happy marriage, squeezing in workouts and time for friendships and service to my community, wellness is crucial. One of the aspects of Maestro that attracted me in the first place is our Wellness Works offering: 10 learning modules that teach the learner memorable lessons in maintaining health.

Following are ten of my favorite tips from Wellness Works.

  1. Sumo wrestlers are masters at gaining weight. Study them to know what NOT to do: Skip breakfast. Skip lunch. Gorge at one large meal, followed by a nap. (If this is a familiar scenario for you, and if you need to lose weight, take note!)
  2. Eating frequently throughout the day feeds your metabolism.
  3. Not all calories are created equal. It is the quality of calories that is important. A big slice of chocolate cake contains 500 calories. Two chicken breasts, a serving of broccoli, and a sweet potato drizzled with olive oil also contains 500 calories.
  4. Healthy Cells = Health and Wellness. Feeding your body the right raw materials = How easily nutrients enter your cells.
  5. Trans Fats are a major culprit in causing cells to be hard and impermeable to nutrients.
  6. The combination of fructose and glucose that makes up high fructose corn syrup may block your brain’s ability to know it is full, which could result in overeating and obesity.
  7. Americans have high calcium consumption, yet poor bone health because of the leaching of calcium due to an acidic diet. If you want to know more, check out a 9-minute explanation from Wellness Works.
  8. Exercise metabolizes stress hormones in a positive manner.
  9. Building muscle with strength training can help reverse the natural slowing of the metabolism.
  10. Wellness is like a 3-legged stool. All legs are equally important. Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest and Rejuvenation make up the 3 legs.

If you like these tips and want to learn more, reach out to me. I’ll happily enroll you in a Wellness Works course. You may even decide to make the Wellness Works curriculum part of your workplace wellness initiatives. Remember, if your employees don’t take the time to be healthy, they will have to take the time to be sick.

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