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Stack 101

In this last post, we’ll round out the Mobile Agility suite by taking a deep dive into Stack, the app designed to take the anxiety out of sales presentations.

Building effective sales presentations is a matter of honing in on what’s working and then replicating it again and again. Simple, right? Yes . . . and no. It’s easy to grasp conceptually but harder to execute practically—until now. That’s because Stack makes building mobile presentations easy, personalized and shareable. With high engagement and utilization from your sales reps, it's easy to measure the effectiveness of your content and continually improve it!

Stack is available on iOS, and it’s a tireless workhorse for creating and sharing presentations that make team growth easier than ever before. With Stack you can:

  • Create. Stack gives you the freedom to customize presentations within the boundaries of your company's content. Reorganize slides, delete or combine items from several presentations. The choice is yours.
  • Share. Quickly share a presentation with a customer and track the results. You can easily determine if your prospect opened the presentation, how long they spent in it, and if they came back later. These are all good indicators of how engaged your prospect is and what you should do next.
  • Track. Your administrator can easily see what is effective, how content is organized and where you can improve. If he wants to take metrics to the next level, he can connect Stack to the existing CRM to measure performance tied to marketing material.
  • Improve. Continuous improvement is an inherent need inside marketing. That's why Stack is set up to be easily evaluated, updated and improved.

Have we mentioned that Stack and your CRM can be friends? Mobile Agility is built to integrate with your existing systems. That's why Stack is no stranger to CRM integrations. Our team is ready to connect to your CRM for a complete sales presentation experience. What’s more, Stack supports your existing content. Load just about any tool you have: brochures, videos, PowerPoint decks, educational material, interactive PDFs or ROI calculators.

From continuous learning to virtual role-play and coaching to sales presentations, Mobile Agility has you covered. That’s why we call it Maestro’s all-in-one problem solver. Just think: A comprehensive solution that can fully integrate with an enterprise system to provide opportunities to learn, practice and perform at every step of the sales journey!

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