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Seems like this newbie has been here all along.

Ever get the feeling that a new kid on the block has been here all along, just waiting for the right time to step up? That’s exactly how we feel about this new Maestronaut.

As we told many of you in an email just a few days ago, our newest Maestro team member is not only attractive and a little provocative. She’s also smart, savvy and loads of fun to be around. We’re sure you’ll enjoy getting to know her. And when you do, we’re certain you’ll find her as creative, helpful, reliable and responsive as we do.

Although we’ve been awaiting her arrival for a while, we wanted to be sure the timing was correct. We also wanted to be sure of her role and make sure the fit was just right. Plus, we had to take the right steps in our busy client schedules to fill the gap. Well, the word is in, and we scored big on every one of those points.  Just like our new space, she absolutely oozes our brand. It’s like we were made for each other.

You may or may not interact with our new Maestronaut on a regular basis. But know this: She’s always there ready, willing and eager to help, regardless of what type of technology, platform or mobile device you're using. In fact, within just days of arriving, she’s become a storehouse of insightful information about Maestro projects, processes and our finished product.

You’ll find getting to know her will be an ideal way to get connected with Maestro, gain useful info from our blog and stay up to date with the latest news and announcements. Another bonus for you—she loves to give tours and peeks of what’s happening behind the scenes with Team Maestro.

At Maestro we feel blessed to find the team members we need just when we need them. We can point to so many examples of a skill set or perspective arriving in the form of a new team member just in time to meet a new or emerging need. It’s happened again and again. We never worry. Just the opposite: We have faith that, in the end, all will be well—and that opportunities won’t arrive without the resources to capitalize on them following close behind.

With our focus on putting our people in situations where they can use their core competencies, we sometimes find what we need to meet a new need is already in-house, right under our collective nose. And so it was with our newest team member—our new website,

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