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Rally outside the lines: Sporting Events

Just a few months ago, we excitedly launched Rally, a beautifully designed, simply built event app. The product was created to be a functional hub for event attendees. It aims to provide resources, agendas, guidance, content, community and more - but without all the extra bells and whistles that can just overcomplicate things. The appearance of the app’s interface can be customized to align with the brand of your event, too, making it a lovely solution for event planners. OK, so we’re a little biased about Rally. But, hey, can you blame us?

Since Rally was launched, we’ve had a lot of great feedback both from Maestronauts and our clever clients about the many, many applications for this… well… application. And let me tell you, it’s definitely not just for conferences.

Here’s one example:

Sporting Events

Have you ever been to a sporting event where there were a lot of different events taking place? Whether it’s a little league tournament, a high school volleyball championship, NCAA March Madness, or the Super Bowl, these events have schedules that – putting it lightly – can be difficult for attendees to follow.

Several games are happening in different locations at various dates and times. Find your way around can be confusing. Parking, eating, keeping up with who is winning, making it to the right place at the right time and even finding restrooms can be a challenge!

Put Rally on the roster, though, and you’ve instantly got a smoother event and happier spectators. Rally can make it easy for fans to make their way around the sporting event, understand the schedule and relevant locations, find information about the teams and players and even talk to other people using the app to get updates about what is happening in other parts of the event.

It’s a win for the event management, too. Through the social media communities accessible in Rally, they gain visibility of challenges spectators are having and potential conflicts or security risks immediately as they arise. Also, they can easily push out updates like notifications about rain delays, news about injured or penalized players, information about security and accessibility, and venue changes.

Rally can help fans focus on the sports they came to watch, which is a win for everyone. After all, happy fans cheer louder, right?

What could you do with Rally?

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