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Rally outside the lines: Recurring Meetings

Just a few short months ago, we were excitedly launched Rally, an event app created to be a beautiful, simple, and functional hub for event attendees. It makes event resources accessible, like agendas, guidance, content, community and more - but without all the extra bells and whistles that can just weigh down an app.

Since Rally was released, we’ve had a lot of great ideas both internally and from our clients about the many, many applications Rally. Here’s another great example: recurring meetings.

Does your company have recurring meetings? For example, maybe your training and development team holds an onboarding session a few times a year for all the new talent that joins the company. Or maybe your sales and marketing teams have regular sessions with your sales reps to go over product launches, updated messaging and new resources available. Or perhaps your company has quarterly board meetings.

Chances are, your company has some sort of recurring meeting. It’s the type of meeting where the format stays the same, only the dates and some pieces of content change. However, chances are also pretty good that despite the relatively minor differences between each meeting, someone is still responsible for updating all sorts of files, creating a bunch of new documents and assembling a pile of binders.

Unless you were to use Rally.

With Rally, you could maintain the basic structure of the event, just updating the pieces you need to between each meeting. Whether it’s as simple as just modifying the event dates and keeping everything else the same or updating newer versions of all the content and making adjustments to the agenda, it’s still a super-simple and speedy way to manage information.

You could manage everything from a single CMS and simply invite your attendees to download the app. Then, each time there’s an adjustment to the schedule or an edit to a piece of content, simply make the update in Rally and all your meeting attendees will automatically have the latest and greatest information right their at their fingertips.

That means no more printing, assembling, editing, reprinting, disassembling, reassembling and distributing of the dreaded binder. Besides, we all know that despite our best efforts, most of them either get pitched immediately after the meeting or placed on a shelf never to be opened again.

Instead, your life is easier and happier because you’re managing your recurring events simply, quickly, easily and beautifully with Rally. It's a lovely thought, isn't it?

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