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Rally outside the lines: Holiday Shopping

We created Rally to be a simple, beautiful event application. We wanted to provide a tool that is functional, effective, and in line with the event’s brand, but free from all the extra bells and whistles that would really just overcomplicate it.

Today, Rally provides resources, agendas, guidance, content, community and more – all structured within an interface that aligns with the look and feel of the event. the brand of your event, too, making it a lovely solution for event planners.

Since Rally was launched, we’ve had a lot of great feedback both from Maestronauts and our clients about the many uses for the app. Here’s an example: holiday shopping.

A lot of malls and shopping centers go all-out when then holiday season rolls around. They have giftwrapping stations, carolers, special performances, varying hours, pictures with Santa, sales and special promotions, children’s activities, gift-giving guides, food and product demonstrations, flyers, coupons, gift certificates, return policies – just the thought of it all makes me want to break out my jingle bells and go for a sleigh ride!

There’s already a lot going on during the holidays, right? Wouldn’t it be great if these shopping centers put all this holiday goodness into Rally so you could have it all right there in the palm of your hand – right next to your candy cane?

Picture this: You’re nestled in bed on the night before you plan to hit the mall. But before you start dreaming of sugarplums, you hop into the shopping center’s Rally app to check store hours so you can be first in line when the doors open. You immediately feel the holiday spirit, thanks to the interface that has been customized with a lovely holiday representation of the mall’s brand. You peruse through the gift-giving guides and flyers to get some good ideas for presents. You grab a few coupons and plan your shopping route based on the sales and promotions available.

And because you’ll be power shopping, you decide to also plan out a more kid-friendly day for grandma and the kids. You find the times and locations of all the glitter-filled crafts, Elf on the Shelf sightings, jingle bell jam sessions and cookie consumption they could possibly handle – all from within Rally.

There, now you can sleep soundly knowing your holiday shopping this year will be as flawless as your neighborhood caroling debut was last year.

Now snap out of it! It’s only July, after all. You’ve got a few months for those shopping centers to deck the halls and, of course, get Rally.

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