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Rally outside the lines: Festivals

Rally’s Endless Applications: Festivals

When we launched Rally, we knew it had potential. We knew it would be used for more than just conferences. But now that it’s been on the market for a few months, we’re excited to see some of the ideas coming in about outside-the-conference-hall uses for our beloved event app. And it doesn’t get much farther from a conference room than this: Festivals.

Lollapalooza. Taste of Chicago. Mardi Gras. Bonnaroo. Comic-Con. SXSW. Coachella. These are some of the biggest, most famed fests in the country. And most of them probably have hip and cool apps to help attendees find their way around. Smart move, as these festivals have multiples stages, schedules, tents, vendors …and port-a-potty areas… and an app is a great way to keep thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of people informed.

But what about the smaller festivals? The more localized events that may draw smaller crowds, but still have a whirlwind of activities planned for attendees. Wouldn’t it be great if these fun-filled events were a bit easier to navigate?

Imagine if the next time you and your family attend the Strawberry Jubilee or your friends head to the Old Town Music Festival, Rally was available. With a simple app download, you could have all the information you need (and nothing you don’t) about the festival. Right in the palm of your hand, you could have the complete schedule of events so you won’t be late for your favorite band’s jam session or have to endure a tantrum when your toddler realizes you missed face painting.

Also with Rally, you could easily be in-the-know about where to find food, restrooms, festival T-shirts, information about that great new band you saw, and contact information for the clowns your kids adored so you can see if they do kids’ parties.

What’s more, because of the community features in Rally, you can check into social media feeds about the festival to see where all those super-yummy strawberry sundaes are coming from and learn before it’s too late that the port-a-potties on the west side of the festival grounds should really be avoided at all costs.

There you have it. Yet another outside-the-conference-room use for Rally. That reminds me… I need to check to see when the Strawberry Jubilee is happening this year…

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