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Rally outside the lines: Colleges & Universities

Maestro’s event application was launched just a few short months ago. We created it to be simple but beautiful. Easy to use, but effective. Structured, but flexible to a range of applications. So it’s no wonder that fun ideas for how to use Rally keep coming in. Here’s an example: colleges & universities.

It may be summer now, but before we know it, the college kids will be hitting the books once again. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, brand new college students across the country will be attending freshmen orientation. Think of anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand teenagers wandering around a new campus with no experience of collegiate living. Many of them don’t know anyone. They don’t know where to go. And many have never been solely responsible for getting themselves to the right places at the right times.

Orientations have been going on for decades, but technology gives us the power to make it easier and perhaps more enjoyable. What if you or your student had Rally to help them navigate their first college experience? The brand new freshmen could use Rally to chat with new friends, share pictures in the live photostream, and stay connected once the school year begins.

This age group is accustomed to having their phones on them at all times already, so why not give them orientation info and schedules in a format they know and love – as opposed to *gasp* printed handouts from the days of old? Besides, think of all the time and money that would be saved if the schools didn’t need to assemble all those binders! Hmm… maybe Rally could be the solution to keeping those beastly tuition costs down…

Then there’s graduation. By the time the students graduate, navigating their way around the commencement festivities is usually no big deal – for them. For their families, however, it can be tricky. There’s parking, hotels, and dining (you have to be sure Aunt Susie doesn’t get hangry, after all). Then, there’s the task of actually locating the graduation ceremony amidst the 100 other ivy-covered brick buildings named after important people.

Rally could make it so simple for graduation guests to support their students stress-free. With flexible schedules, users can be sure they’re always seeing the most current agendas available, regardless of what the one that was printed several weeks ago might say. Users can access maps to find their way around campus and access information provided by the school about details like parking, accommodations, dining, and even book store locations where they can buy the grad her first “alumni” sweatshirt. And because Rally’s interface can be customized by the school, users could feel the school spirit from the moment they download the app.

Rally is a simple, but oh-so-powerful app. It’s proving to us with each new idea just how limitless its possibilities really are. So, what do you think? Maybe it’s time for the college or university in your life to have a little pep rally about Rally. 

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