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“Mom, tell me about the day I was born.”

“Mom, tell me about the day I was born.” Each of my sons loves to hear stories about his birth-day, or about when he was a baby, or about how my husband and I met, or about our wedding day.

I find that the story of Maestro’s beginnings is fascinating to our customers, perhaps because some daydream of striking out as entrepreneurs, perhaps because they find themselves in the situation that our founder was once in. Like most innovations, the idea for Maestro had its genesis in one thought: There has to be a better way.

After a career that moved him from teaching to sales to training, Maestro founder Josh Little was national sales training manager for Stryker Navigation. In that position, Little was spending nearly $1million a year on travel: Flying the sales force in to Kalamazoo for centralized training, providing housing and meals for them during their stay, then sending them back home.

In addition, Little was shipping binders packed with training materials to the reps, only to find that some would have grasped the materials by the time they came to Kalamazoo, while others would not have cracked the books.

He knew he could make training more effective, and let the reps stay at home, while tracking their progress from Kalamazoo. Little left Stryker in 2007 and started Maestro eLearning “As I was starting Maestro, I did not want to do what everyone else has done. I am keyed into the instructional designs, how people learn best through media”, Little says.

“Some pieces of eLearning have been done very poorly with low production value, while some pieces were high production value and the prices were so high that no company could afford them. I knew that there had to be room in the middle.”

A serial entrepreneur, Little followed Maestro with Wellness Works (information to keep your employees healthy) and then with Bloomfire (a collaborative learning environment). In 2010, Maestro was named one of 50 Companies to Watch in Michigan. Our customers are primarily in the healthcare and life sciences fields, but we also reach outside of these industries.

Birth, growth, new siblings: Intriguing parts of Maestro’s story, too.

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