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Mobile Insights: Interview with Paul Kern of Audi

Second in our Mobile Insights interview series is Paul Kern, Technical Curriculum Designer at Audi of America. He was instrumental in taking Audi’s training from a more traditional format with printed materials and PowerPoint presentations to a mobile learning strategy. Read our interview with Paul below to learn from his experiences introducing mobile learning to Audi. Then be sure to use the link at the end of the post to connect with him directly.

Maestro: What business challenges led you to make the move into mobile technology?

Paul: At Audi, we wanted to make our training more interactive, and we wanted to take advantage of the resource-saving aspects of mobile technology. Our printing budget was very high, as was the time and effort that went into printing all of our course materials.  

Maestro: How did your company use mobile devices to overcome those challenges?

Paul: For one thing, we have created an app that is available on Android and Apple products. This app houses 15 years of training books in one searchable, linkable application. In addition, the electronic aspects of the app make it much easier to correct errors or typos in the books. The users have been very positive about the ease of use and the improved functionality of the app. Also, we have begun converting PowerPoint files into Keynote and PDFs and printed books into iBooks for in-class use.

Maestro: What is the most positive result you’ve seen as a result of implementing your mobile strategy?

Paul: The students who have attended the training love the way that the iPads make the class more interactive. They are able to share their work with the other students and this facilitates learning from their peers. Also, the app has really transformed the way we are able to get information out to our dealership personnel.

Maestro: What advice would you give to companies considering creating and implementing their own mobile strategy?

Paul: Mobile is definitely the way to go. The sky is the limit right now. Don’t wait. It is a win/win situation for any training organization.

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