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Making Learning Mobile: Tips from eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild recently released an eBook entitled, “The eLearning Guild’s 61 Tips on mLearning: Making Learning Mobile”. Since Maestro is obviously a pretty big proponent of mobile learning, I wanted to take a look. The eLearning Guild has put together a great resource and I recommend you download it, too. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite recommendations from the eBook and how you can apply them to your own learning strategy.

“There is no single ideal mobile learning solution. It is an intersection among the learn¬ers, their needs, their social context, and the technology. What works in a school will be wildly different from what works in an ambulance. The most important part of planning for your own mLearning is to understand all those other dimensions and plan around them.” Geoff Stead, Head of Mobile Learning, Qualcomm @geoffstead

Apply it: When thinking about how to take your learning mobile, think first about the objectives of your training. What different goals do you hope to achieve by delivering information through mobile devices? Think about how your audience uses tablet PCs or smartphones. What methods for delivering information will work best for how and when these devices are going to be used?

“It’s still about the content. We often focus so much on the technology that we neglect the objective of the training. What are we trying to teach here? We need to refine our content first, and then shape it for the delivery method. This is true with any training. I am constantly amazed at how much content people want to cram into one course. Just say no to the fire hose.” Jeff Tillett, Instructional Technologist and Learning Media Producer, Mojocat Creative Services @mojotillett

Apply it: Just like you think strategically about the content of your live training programs and desktop-based eLearning modules, be sure to do the same when you get started with mobile learning. Try not to get so excited about the technology or the device that you neglect the content. Dedicate time and energy to identifying goals and objectives, storyboarding the flow of your training and planning how to measure results. This is key to creating not only cool mobile apps, but also effective learning tools.

“When starting an mLearning effort, identify or assign champions among your learning and development peers and among your expected users. Their enthusiasm and energy will facili¬tate broader mLearning adoption.” Scott Patterson, Global Mobile Learning Platform Project Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Apply it: Whether it is you or someone you choose to test your pilot mobile learning strategy, having a champion or team of people who are excited about you mobile learning efforts will truly help ensure that it succeeds. Choose your pilot audience wisely, their opinions will be the first impression of mLearning for many people in your organization.

These are just three of 61 great tips and helpful advice from seasoned pros in the world of mobile learning. Take a look at the eBook, yourself, and see what else you can apply to your own mLearning strategy. Additionally, for even more information, check out the eLearning Guild’s upcoming online forum called what other than “mLearning: Making Learning Mobile.”

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