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Make Mobile, Not War

Last week I read an article titled, “CMOs vs. CIOs: Time to Team Up?”. This question only left me with one of my own…

Why wouldn’t it be time for CMOs and CIOs to team up?

Traditionally, CIOs and CMOs have different agendas and I suppose we can’t completely blame them, their divergence is rooted in their titles: Chief Information Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. CIOs bring technical knowledge. CMOs bring customer knowledge.

The problem (opportunity) is that we no longer live in a traditional world. Technology has forced one area of business to bleed into another. Mobile lies at the intersection of technical and customer, CIO and CMO.

Although the article points out statistics that highlight their differences, putting CIOs on one side of the fence and CMOs on the other, what is more interesting are the two things they do agree on:

  1. Only 23% of CIOs and 9% of CMOs said the idea of alignment (with one another) was a desirable situation.
  2. A whopping 79% of CIOs and 86% CMOs agree that increasing sales through the mobile channel is important.

As different as their titles are, CIOs and CMOs have two very important things in common: Chief and Officer. These individuals are the leaders of the company. They are making decisions that impact all departments.  So, is it time to team up? Should this really be a question?

If the majority of C-suite leaders agree that increasing sales through the mobile channel is important and the mobile money spot is located right at the intersection of tech (CIO) and customer (CMO), should we really be asking CMOs and CIOs if they want to work together? Or should CIOs and CMOs want to work together?

What happens if they don’t work together to ensure the technology checklist and customer checklist are all taken care of? One-off solutions that miss the mark. Wasted money. Wasted time. Under-performance.

Of course it is time for CMOs and CIOs to team up. Mobile is begging for both of them to be involved.

Sydney Hill

Not to mention refreshing, positive and downright invigorating. Should we expect anything less from a personality that absolutely bubbles…

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