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Make mine mobile.

When it comes to content, should yours come as a full meal or in bite-sized pieces? Which serving will best meet your needs?

The way we learn is changing. However, the way our brain and our body engage with that content hasn’t. The mobile hype cycle is shaking the very foundation of how learning takes place. But wait, we’ve seen this story before, remember? Fire, stone tablets, the printing press, the telephone…

While we attended ASTD TechKnowledge this year, it seemed like everyone asked us how to take existing learning programs and make them mobile. Today’s employees are equipped with smartphones and tablets. These devices must now be populated with content and information that will allow their users to be more successful. Companies are seeking ways to release these individuals from lengthy learning sessions that can only be accessed in person or through an Internet connection.

The solution? Apps. (Web or native) But not just any boring, cookie-cutter apps. Today’s companies need strategically forged applications that directly address their business objectives and drive value. The Maestro booth buzzed with people eager to see more than 20 apps we created for our customers within the last year. They were excited to see the possibilities, which truly are limitless.

Adventures in Mobile Learning and Communication

Maestro has completed a number of native apps that provide field sales representatives with both performance support and bite-sized learning tools. Regardless of context, these tools achieve immediate improvement in performance by meeting the reps’ needs in the moment and providing a resource for fast information and rote memory exploration. If the user has more than a moment, the app becomes a tool for learning comprehension and skill development.

These apps are unique and extremely successful because they are centralized resources for both learning and sales support. No longer are the users forced to sift through printed materials, electronic files, databases, emails or websites for critical information.

For those of you who may be wondering, the business outcomes include:

  • Improved pipeline management
  • Improved efficiency in managing customer data
  • Decreased costs of traditional media
  • Overall improvement in customer response

This is just one of the many mobile case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile deployment. There are many more, including integration with LMS, CMS, CRM legacy systems, the use of role-play scenarios, and much, much more. But we’ll save that for future blog posts.

So how about you and your company? Have you taken your training or sales support materials mobile?

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