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Maestro’s growth is a lesson in higher math

Business has changed significantly in the last few years for Maestro eLearning in Kalamazoo — the company grew 111 percent last year.

“Over 40 percent of that business was in mobile app development,” President Jennifer Randall says.

With growth comes jobs, and Randall has hired 15 new employees so far this year, bringing her total to 36. She predicts five or six more hires in 2012.

Maestro is a 5-year-old company that assists organizations as they build training programs that the company says delivers knowledge in a way that ignites potential and propels employees.

“I work with giants who surprise, delight, solve and serve,” says Randall. “We help improve communication, training, development and sales enablement through analysis-driven strategies online, mobile and blended-learning technology.”

Maestro eLearning has more than 75 clients globally who, according to Randall, trust the company to help design and develop smart performance support tools for sales, training and marketing.

Randall and her team serve clients that include Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Dannon, Amway and Facebook. And Randall says she is just as proud of her links with local clients as she is with the major players, some of whom allow an opportunity to give to the community.

“Prevention Works, Inc. is a case in point,” Randall says. “A highly respected nonprofit that houses the Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force, Prevention Works has been quietly battling substance abuse on behalf of our community’s youth for more than 15 years. By donating our time and talent, Maestro is helping Prevention Works branch into new areas of abuse prevention — anti-bullying campaigns, for one.

“Efforts like this breathe life into our core values and provide us the chance to forge good intentions into tangible tools of change.”

To keep customers coming back, Randall and her team remain flexible, always adapting to the fluctuating needs in the marketplace.

“We are learners,” she says. ‘We are constantly learning new languages, new tools to ensure that we are ahead of our customers’ needs and can support them in the best way we know how. We listen to our customers and their needs and give our best to them every day.”

Writer: Kelle Barr, Second Wave Media Read the article on Second Wave’s website here.

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