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Loop 101

Available on iOS, Loop means consistent messaging—without all the miles. Across the room or across the country, perfecting messages and tracking progress has never been so easy. Study, practice, role-play, coach and certify all in one hardworking app.

With Loop, you get virtual role-play that feels like the real deal. Here’s why:

  • Real-time coaching. Connect virtually with your coach and put your practicing to the test with Loop's real-time role-play functionality. Schedules don't match up? Record and send your role-play to your coach to evaluate later.
  • Intentional practice. Loop's solo mode allows you to record, replay, and redo your role-play as many times as you want. Practice really does make perfect.
  • Product certification. Certifications are no longer a hassle. Loop makes them travel-free, budget-friendly and streamlined. All you need to do is record, submit and certify.
  • Objection planning. Use Loop to navigate the most difficult objections before you run into them in front of a client. Preparation pays off.

Document syncing and live annotations allow your coach to see all the action so they have a crystal clear picture of how you're selling, and they can give you immediate feedback to improve future selling scenarios. Loop also lets you rate role-plays so the focus is always on continuous performance improvement.

For example, Loop’s built-in rating system lets you rate the effectiveness of objection handling. This feature helps you identify what you’ve mastered and what still needs work. Challenge yourself to hit five stars for all objections! Not sure how to handle an objection? No worries. Loop has that covered too with a built-in area for studying and reference, complete with suggested responses you need to prep and review the right way.

Loop also enables you to continually improve performance with access to feedback from each role-play. Study, record, submit, review and repeat. Are you ready to be the newest product evangelist? Loop can help you and your coach decide. If you’re not quite there yet, you can get feedback from your coach and try again.

As if all this functionality weren’t enough, Loop adds the crowning touch to virtual role-play by enabling you to share your performance. Had a five-star performance lately? Save it and share so others can see how to do the same. You can also share through the activity feed and help others learn from your quota-crushing messaging.

Among the best of all this good news about Loop is that role-play is only the beginning. Loop can also add value to the training of new reps, product launches and coaching efforts. And if you use Loop hand in hand with Flex, you’ll have a combo that doubles your improvement potential. In our next post we’ll round out the Mobile Agility suite by looking at its third star performer, Stack.

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