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Lessons Learned From Our Compliance Course Makeovers

Several years ago we noticed many of our clients in the medical device industry needed compliance courses to help keep their field employees up-to-date. These are usually sales reps, some of which might even spend time in the operating room with surgeons during a procedure to assist with the products they sell and know so well. These topics include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • OR Protocol
  • Advamed
  • Electrical Safety for Healthcare Providers
  • Fire Safety for Healthcare Providers

While all of the topics are extremely important and centered around keeping everyone safe, you can imagine these topics don't exactly scream excitement to a sales rep. Our goal was to make them as engaging and beautiful as possible so the learners would take the courses seriously and ultimately learn what they needed to be successful and safe in medical environments. They turned out great - beautifully designed and sprinkled with activities and helpful learning checks. For our partners these courses became a critical learning tool.

Recently when we were evaluating the courses, we realized that they were not mobile friendly and were in need of some design TLC, after all it had been years and design moves fast these days. So, we updated our courses. All compliance courses are now built in HTML5, ready to use on mobile devices, and designed up to our fresh design standards. The updating process reminded us of three important things you should always remember in relation to your eLearning:

Keep evaluating your eLearning. They can become out of date in an instant.

Never underestimate the power of a some design TLC. A little makeover goes a long way for your learners.

Get your team on mobile. The easier it is for them to complete the learning the better.

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