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Introducing Zip Course

We are very excited to announce our new offering, Zip Course!

Put simply, Zip Course is beautiful and affordable eLearning.

Many clients want to create, or refresh, a library of courses. The challenge is that a variety of constraints - such as team size, budget, team capabilities - get in the way. After hearing similar challenges from a variety of clients, we wondered how we could create a service to fit that need. We identified the reasons our clients love working with us to develop content (things like attention to detail, great design, reliable team, etc.) and further streamlined our process to deliver beautifully designed content and give our clients the ability to boost bandwidth and turn around affordable projects on a tight timeline.

When it comes down to it, Zip Course is another way that we can be a performance partner for our clients.

Zip Course vs. Custom Work

One thing you may be wondering is how Zip Course is different than the custom work we already rock for our clients (see an example here). We specifically created the Zip Course offering for those clients who want beautifully designed, well built solutions, however, have tight timelines, limited budgets, or a team at capacity. Typically, we start a Zip Course project with a powerpoint that our client built or a previous (outdated) course and design from there.

Zip Course is great for clients who….

  • need to create or refresh existing courses on a tight budget.
  • need additional bandwidth to build or rebuild multiple of courses.
  • need to convert current Flash courses and get them mobile-ready.
  • want to design quality courses without a large price tag.
  • are not trainers, but have (marketing) content that needs to be converted to learning courses.
  • have an urgent need such as new product launches, performance or compliance issues that requires a fast training response.
  • may not have the technology needed to complete online training.

What if timelines and budgets aren't as tight? We are happy to help you create the custom course of your dreams. We love putting our experience and knowledge of building great content to work. In fact, that is really where we really shine.

See how easy it is to start your Zip Course!

I bet you can do it in less than 5 minutes.

Start a Zip Course!
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