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Smitten by Technology

My Dearest Technology, I recently saw an ad for a movie called “Her". Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s the (kind of creepy) story of a man who actually falls in love with his Siri-esque operating system.

While the idea of actually falling in love with you is just silly – I mean you are technology, after all – it did get me thinking that maybe we could use a little break.

Now, before you get upset, let me explain…

We spend a LOT of time together.
In fact, you’re almost always within reach. Like 91% of Americans, my phone is sure to be within 3 feet of me at all times*. I can’t say that about any of my human loved ones.

I trust you. A lot.
I ask you for directions, turn to you for advice, use you to make calculations that my brain can't do, ask you to locate critical information, and sometimes even use you to pay for coffee. I don’t think I even trust my sweetie that much.

I would be lost without you.
You are my primary mode of communication with the outside world. I use you to text, email, call, chat, tweet and message my family, friends and coworkers. It scares me a little to even think about what I would do without you.

I just can’t seem to part with you.
Some might even say I’m addicted to you. Even when my other loved ones are around or important things are happening all around me, I have a hard time prying myself away from you, beloved technology.

As you can see, our relationship has gotten pretty serious over the years. And now, for Valentine’s Day, I think it’s time we took a little break. Today is a day to focus on the people I love. Don’t worry, this isn’t goodbye. It’s just a little temporary space. And, besides, I’m sure I’ll need you today to call and text my loved ones, make reservations for a romantic dinner date and look up recipes for some Valentine’s Day treats.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, technology. I’ll miss you, but I’m sure you understand.  You always do.

Sincerely, Smitten by Technology

P.S. Before you go, could you find me a pizza place nearby that will deliver a heart-shaped pizza?

*Source: Morgan Stanley Technology & Internet Trends

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