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How to Start Moving Your Learning from ILT to Digital Learning

We live and breathe learning and technology at Maestro day in, day out. So much so, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest trends, technology, and techniques of digital learning, and forget that some are still looking to make the transition.

This post is meant as a quick start guide for teams and organizations looking to convert instructor-led training to digital learning.

What is digital learning?

Digital learning is learning that is facilitated by technology and moves away from traditional classroom learning. It’s a flipped classroom that puts the learner in the driver's seat and allows them to access content from anywhere, at any time.

Why make the move?

Whether it’s delivered via an eLearning course or through a mobile app; digital learning allows learners to have the flexibility of studying when and where it’s convenient for them.

We understand that some courses, say compliance related, need to be completed within a certain time frame, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring and unengaging. Courses can be built to include games, interactions, visualizations and simulations that present the same compliance training to learners and maintain engagement.

Same goes for continuous learning and performance support. Why not make it accessible where and when the learner needs it most? Say in a mobile app? Learners can then access what they need during the quiet moments of their day.

As Josh Bersin wrote in his article for Forbes, “The corporate L&D market has been through wrenching change over the last decade. In only 15 years we've come from long, page-turning courses to a wide variety of videos, small micro-learning experiences, mobile apps, and intelligent, adaptive learning platforms.” The landscape of corporate learning is rapidly shifting towards digital learning. So where does one start when looking to make the move?

Where to Begin

Take Stock

What already exists and is being used in your instructor-led training? Go through and find all of the materials that are currently in use. This could be PowerPoints, handouts or actual books. Know what is currently being used, how it’s being used and the duration of time it’s used.

If possible, talk to the instructors and see how they present the material. Sit in on a class and see how learners engage with the material (and instructors) to learn where possible sticking points or trouble areas are.

This will give you a clear perspective when you evaluate all content and decide what to keep or not keep moving forward during evaluation.


Is the material gathered still relevant and in use today? Just because you still have it, doesn’t mean it’s the appropriate material for learners to use moving forward.

During this phase, you will also want to explore what format the content will be best transferred to and what fits best for your team. Common formats include interactive eLearning courses, video, mobile apps and games. If you’re looking to explore a mobile approach, we suggest considering these eight items in order to implement a successful mobile strategy.

Maybe you’re considering implementing video? Here are some quick points to look over to get the most for your ROI with video.


If you are preparing to convert all of your material to digital content in-house, we say high five! If you have a stellar instructional designer, hold on to them.

If you don't have an instructional designer, and you’re still trying to figure out how to convert your learning, let us suggest working with a partner who eats sleeps and breathes digital learning. Here is a helpful list of items to look for when evaluating potential performance partners.

Whether you're working with a partner or going it alone with an awesome individual in-house, you’re going to need to spend some time preparing for the transfer.


If your preparation has gone well, this part should go smoothly and be out of your direct hands. At this point, your instructional designer or performance partner will have all of the necessary information to start converting your instructor-led training into the digital format you have selected.

Follow-up Evaluation

Once you’ve launched your new learning in the format you’ve chosen, be sure to set regular evaluations. This will indicate what, if any, changes need to be made to the content, how learners are progressing through the content and if you see a solid return on your investment.

What's best for your organization?

Seem like a lot to digest? Have no fear. Lots of companies are in the same boat, and it’s all about figuring out what is right for your organization. The format that one organization may be using might not be right for yours. It’s all about spending the right amount of time in the evaluation phase to be sure your content is aligned with your goals.

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