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How Learning Can Help You Get and Retain Top Talent

Everyone is trying to crack the code. How do you get and retain top talent, especially the top talent that is recently entering the workforce?

It probably comes as no surprise that company culture is a pivotal factor in the career decision-making process for new talent. But what about a particular culture is exciting to our workforce? The rise of startups with flexible work schedules and "Google-inspired" office space have certainly influenced what our workforce expects and wants out of the company they work for. But other factors, including training & development, are also ranked for importance. In fact, recent research by ATD "demonstrates that career development is one of the top three job factors that will both attract and retain early career talent."

Development use to be defined by training programs and career paths, full of structure and lacking flexibility, but today learners want to see a culture of development where learning and growth are built into the very foundation of the company culture. Development of the workforce should be part of who the company is, not a separate event all together.

It's not a new story, many companies have already adopted development as part of their culture – creating a culture of learning to drive continual growth. It's really all about creating a development ecosystem, made up of "career-oriented components that are integrated into a common brand." It won't just happen, it's an intentional cultural characteristic. As ATD mentions "this ecosystem also includes a plan for generating passion, quick wins, eliminating obstacles, establishing expectations for frequent coaching, feedback and career conversations, and recognizing and promoting managers who develop people."

Developing a culture of learning will only work with commitment from your entire company, but if it's executed successfully it's one piece of the recruitment puzzle that will keep giving.

Want a Culture of Learning?

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