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Hello, Kalamazoo? This is the future calling…

You never know when or where the next Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg or Nick Swinmurn will appear. They might be walking the streets of Kalamazoo right now. Or perhaps they are walking through Maestro’s door every morning... or may be they will be at some point in the time. That’s why forward-thinking companies can’t afford to ignore—not to mention wholeheartedly support—the entrepreneurially minded in their midst.

There was a time when Amazon was just a river and Zappos might have been a weird reminder of an encounter with lightning. But entrepreneurs changed that. Just like they made a play on a mathematical word the definitive synonym for search and social networking the new national pastime. The entrepreneur—or more specifically, the spirit of entrepreneurism—has changed the world.

An entrepreneurial spirit has always driven most of us at Maestro, and it has shaped our lives and attitudes about success and what’s possible. Maestro is an aggressive company on the move, and it is in our best interest to nurture employees who have an entrepreneurial bent.

Some may say the entrepreneurially minded do not make good employees because they are dreamers focused on what if instead of what is. But we say, “Come talk to us at Maestro.” We want employees who dream of things that have never been, possibilities that may be. And if they stay with us only a short while and then leave to chase a dream or test traditional boundaries, so much the better... for them and for us.

Make no mistake: We would  rather have an entrepreneurial-minded employee for a short while than to be denied the value this kind of employee adds—to our corporate attitude, spirit, values and to the minds and hearts of their colleagues. Curiosity is the fuse of innovation, and we are constantly looking for sparks.

Equal parts confidence and risk-taking are the lifeblood of entrepreneurism. Think about it: Unless somebody, somewhere, somehow steps up and boldly takes a risk, nothing happens. No one has a job. No one sells a product. No one makes money. Nothing moves or grows or changes.

Courage is oil for the machinery of opportunity, keeping it limber, freely moving and ever-ready to take advantage of the next possibility. Entrepreneurs may be acutely aware of sounds inaudible to the rank and file. And yes, they may sway in rhythm to a different drumbeat.  But guess what?  They can march in Maestro’s parade any day.

Jen Randall

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