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Getting Strategic with Kevin Romeo of Rhino Media

Few will dispute the importance of strategic thinking. It’s important to have a plan of action if you hope to be successful. We asked our friend, the Lead Rhino over at Rhino Media, Kevin Romeo, to share some of his thoughts on strategic thinking. Here’s what he had to say.

Finish this sentence: A project without strategy is like...

Kevin: heading into battle with a desire to perish.

What does strategy mean to you?

Kevin: Strategy is the human element of building anything worth building, the intentionality to live and function a certain way. Creating a map worth following.

What frameworks do you often use to help build a strategy?

Kevin: Who needs to be moved by this? How much do I believe in it? Can that be changed? Where is the greatest potential for change?

I never leave a strategic brainstorm without asking...

Kevin: Why am I in this meeting? What value can I add? What would be the worst possible outcome?

What advice do you have for anyone heading into a strategic brainstorm?

Kevin: Be aware of your biases and worldview, but trust them if you believe in them.

Who comes to mind when you hear “strategic thinker”?

Kevin: Literally nothing, sorry! :)

Most strategies are lacking...

Kevin: Discernment

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