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Getting Strategic with Daniel Jefferies of Newmind Group

Strategic thinking is a critical component of success. You must have a smart plan of action if you hope to achieve your lofty. Last week, we asked our friend Kevin Romeo of Rhino Media, to share some of his thoughts on strategic thinking. This week, we’re seeing what the Founder of Newmind Group, Daniel Jefferies has to say about it.

Finish this sentence: “A project without strategy is like...

Daniel: a journey in the dark.”

What does strategy mean to you?

DanielI think of strategy as a way to answer What?, Why? and Who? I like to focus most of my strategic thinking on the Why part. Once you have a strategy you can design tactics to answer How?, Where?, When?

What frameworks do you often use to help build a strategy?

DanielI like to use the Lean Startup Model of Experiment/Build -> Measure -> Learn -> Repeat.

I have a bias to take action and learn quickly as I go rather than try to spend large amounts of time fully developing a strategy in an office or boardroom. Assumptions have a tendency to be wrong. Experiments kill Assumptions and dead Assumptions lead to great strategies.

I never leave a strategic brainstorm without asking...

DanielHow can we test this or run an experiment to validate it at a small scale?

What advice you have for anyone heading into a strategic brainstorm?

DanielListen a lot. When you have an idea try a question instead. Use a "Yes, And" approach when sharing your ideas.

Who comes to mind when you hear “strategic thinker”?

DanielJeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Larry Page, Sergey Brin... Way too many. I could keep going.

Most strategies are lacking...

DanielSmall experiments that provide validation. Iteration. Flexibility.


What does it mean to you? To us, it means everything.

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