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Food for thought. Fuel for action.

Earlier in this series, we wrote about the value that entrepreneurially minded employees can add to a company, its spirit and the hearts, minds and collective will of colleagues. We noted that some companies would rather have its employees focused on what is instead of what if. That’s a hard one for us to understand.

It seems to us that curiosity (what-iffing) feeds innovation. And without innovation, or call it incremental improvements if you choose, we’re doomed. Continuous quality improvement depends on constantly rethinking the tried and true. In the end, being better means being perpetually unsatisfied.

Making the good better is only half the story, though. Every day clients come to us with challenges created by emerging technologies. Some of these conundrums have never existed before because they involve applying new technologies to old problems. So our solution, by definition, will be an innovation because it will be an answer to a query that has never before been posed.

It’s downright impossible, we think, to serve our clients successfully without being inventive. And since the spirit of entrepreneurism is rooted in inventiveness, why wouldn’t we want to attract, nurture and support entrepreneurially minded employees?

In growing up, I was blessed with a father who demonstrated the potential of experimentation and the willingness to follow where courage leads. He didn’t just represent the spirit of entrepreneurism, he lived it...  and still does. So I watched him parlay the resourcefulness of his Amish upbringing into what it took to become successfully self-employed in a number of businesses. I learned ...and remembered.

Now there’s an opportunity to apply those lessons at Maestro. Many of our employees didn’t have the benefit of a built-in model of entrepreneurism. So we’ve made our company the support group they may never have had—and that we all so desperately need. But we didn’t stop there.

We went on to create a tool and an entire process—a context really—where personally driven entrepreneurial projects can peacefully coexist with client work. We call them FUEL Projects. It’s not surprising to us to see how these two kinds of projects support, challenge and enrich one another. They dance together arm in arm, dipping and swaying in mutual support and encouragement. It’s a marvel to watch and one of the best and brightest demonstrations of our brand promise: Perform beautifully.

Taken as a whole, we see Maestro FUEL Projects as the engine that drives innovation, enthusiasm, desire. Our clients win. Our employees win. Our company wins. In Maestro FUEL Projects we see the intersection of belief and timing—a perfect storm bringing together our core values and our core competencies to create a force of unimaginable potential. Ahhh, so this is what synergy feels like.

Jen Randall

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