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Flex 101

In a recent post, “Mobile Agility: Meet your suite of mobile sales training and enablement apps”, we explained how Maestro conquered challenges common to so many sales, marketing and training departments. The solutions we created provided clear visibility from one department into another and unprecedented alignment among all of them.

That visibility and alignment paved the way for Mobility Agility, a suite of mobile sales training and enablement apps. Finally, there’s a olution that fully integrates with an enterprise system to offer options to learn, practice and perform throughout the sales journey. Mobile Agility has three distinct parts. The first is Flex.

Think of Flex as continuous learning designed for any device. Available on Web, iOS and Android platforms, Flex supports a seamless learning experience—whether the need is for on-the-job support or education on the go.

A new approach to learning, Flex meets the needs of everyone on the team. For learners, Flex offers easy access to the content they need in the context it’s needed. No more digging and searching. And for you managers, Flex will keep you in tune with your team’s content consumption—without consuming your whole day.

For coaches and mentors, Flex is a way to stay connected to provide the support, feedback and information needed at each step along the learner’s journey. Administrators, you’ll love how Flex enables you to upload content, select user groups and create assignments in seconds.

Flex makes sure content is there when users need it. They can easily study newly added content, complete an assignment or prep before heading into a big meeting. With Flex’s search, sort, filter, lists and favorites features, it’s never been easier to find what you need fast. But finding needed content fast is only part of the story. Flex also helps you make the most of your content when you use lists and assignments for maximum impact.

  • Lists define learning paths. A list is a packet of all the content you need to be an expert on a specific topic, process, product or event. Users can curate lists themselves, or they can be assembled by peers, managers or administrators.
  • Assignments fill knowledge gaps. Administrators, if you hear about or discover a gap in knowledge or prepping for a new product launch, it’s easy to assign a piece of content or a list to anyone on the team in seconds.
  • Lists simplify personalized and social learning. Create personal learning lists to prep for a call, study a new product or take the next step along your career path. Or connect with peers and learn from best practices through public lists and recommendations.
  • Smart lists automate the process. Clever functionality pulls all of the content based on specific criteria into one list. Everything is there—whether it was added three months or three seconds ago.

With Flex’s Activity and Dashboard features, you’ll always be up to date. See what content is trending. View trending lists. Manage your tasks with a swipe. Receive notifications when there’s activity. Do all of these effortlessly. Flex makes sure you never miss a beat.

This all-star app is named Flex for a reason. It’s a picture of flexibility . . . and versatility. Go ahead. See what you can do with it because Flex can handle all of these and more: new hire training; product launches; coaching; ongoing performance support; field compliance training; and selling initiatives.

In part three of this series, we’ll take a closer look at Flex’s companion app in Mobile Agility—Loop.


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