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Does Your eLearning Need a Makeover?

When is a course ready for an upgrade? After 5 years, when new software comes out or when you get more budget? Circumstances for when and how to refresh your elearning are different for every company, department, and champion. But we often find that many of our partners are confused about how to determine when their course is ready to revamp, what steps they should take to revamp it, and/or how much or how little of a makeover a particular course needs.

To kickstart that process and figure out what the next steps are we want to offer up our team's time and expertise to help. We want to evaluate your elearning. Luckily it's a fairly simple process for you and for us!

How does it work?

First, you answer several questions about your course and upload a zipped up version of your course onto our eLearning Refresh Landing Page.

Second, get back to rockin' it for your learners while our team of experts reviews your information and scores your course based on four criteria: 1. Visual Appeal, 2. Instructional Design, 3. Audience Relevance, and 4. Delivery.

Third, receive an email with your course "report card" explaining how your course scores in each of the four areas as well as a personalized note from our designer on how you could start to refresh your elearning.

There are no strings attached. After your refresh is complete you are welcome to go along your merry way -- of course if you do want to talk we are here to continue the conversation. Who knows we might even want to show you what we think your course could look like if our designers got their hands on it :)

If you're interested, click the link below to get started or pass it along to someone you think would be interested!

Our team is ready to tackle your evaluation!

What do you have to lose?

Let's do this!

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